The Unugly Christmas Sweater

unugly christmas sweater

There is something unappetizing about ugly Christmas sweater parties.  Maybe it’s the fact that they are in fact ugly and I don’t particularly care to wear ugly clothing.  Or maybe I am just a grinch.  Or maybe it is just one of my arguably irrational dislikes of certain items of clothing, like demin (yes, that’s right, I don’t wear denim; ever).  This isn’t to say that I will never indulge in the act of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, I am just saying that I will potentially go to exhaustive measures to avoid wearing one.  All the meanwhile still maintaining … Continue reading

The Menswear Christmas Gift List Of 2014


If you are anything like me, you are just now starting to do your Christmas shopping.  As much as I vow to myself to get the task done in the earlier part of December, I almost always fail.  It can be frustrating.  But fortunately, as men, we no longer have to be slaves to the masses in the malls; we can browse and purchase online – or have the women in our lives do it for us. Christmas is a great time to ask for things that you would not ordinarily purchase for yourself.  By that I mean the more … Continue reading

Jay Butler Launches Shoe Collection

jay butler pre order announcement w text

Dear Readers, As many of you know, I have been working tirelessly to start my own shoe brand, Jay Butler.  With great pride and excitement I would like to announce that the shoe collection is now available for sale.  The shoes are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping out at the end of this week. The driving idea behind the collection is to provide men (and women) with a well styled, well priced and well made pair of shoes.  Long have I felt that there is a void for this type of footwear.  Particularly, that which is available … Continue reading

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Menswear Sales


In less than 48 hours the irrationality (or some think rationality) of American consumers will be put on display for the world to see.  Of you can just refer to the image to the left.  Admittedly, Black Friday is not my favorite day of the year; neither is Cyber Monday for that matter.  But I do recognize that a deal is a deal.  And we all like a good deal, do we not?  So anyway, without further delay, here is a round up of a number of brands and stores holding sales (and a few others that are not doing … Continue reading

Things A Man Can Never Have Too Many Of: White Shirts

mens white shirts

Necessity can be sometimes pleasing and other times an annoyance.  But excess can be a beautiful thing.  There are certain things a man needs in his wardrobe.  Of those certain things, there are some that he cannot have to many of; such as solid white shirts. I believe that at last count I have 18.  It is guaranteed that that number will only increase with time. ‘Why on earth do you need so many white shirts Justin?’  I have been asked on more than one occasion.  At the heart of the matter are two things.  First, a white shirt is … Continue reading

A Visit To The Jay Butler Factory

jay butler logo insole

Dear Readers, I apologize for the extended absence.  The blog has had to continue to take a back seat lately.  I have spent the last week and a half traveling, most of the time was spent down in Mexico at the Jay Butler shoe and leather goods factories.  Sadly, there was not much time for blogging.  Which brings me to something I have been meaning to mention for a while.  If any of you are interested in writing for The Fine Young Gentleman, please send me an email at  I am exploring options to augment my writing (and perhaps … Continue reading

Two Birds With One Stone

olive green quilted shirt j crew

2 birds with 1 stone, or 2 trends in one garment.  Without intending to sound rhetorical; it’s certainly not the first time it has happened, and will definitely not be the last.  Let me elaborate. A few weeks back I wrote on some of the men’s style trends for this fall/winter season.  Although admittedly I generally dislike calling things trend that are really some pretty simple and classic aspects of menswear. For today, let’s focus on two of the trends, the color green and all things quilted.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of green clothing … Continue reading

The Changing Face Of Online MTM Suiting

knot standard fitting

Long time readers of this blog will know that tailored clothing, in particular made to measure suiting has been the most frequented topic discussed on The Fine Young Gentleman.  I would even go so far as to say that I have reviewed more brands than anyone else and that those reviews garner more traffic than other blogs reviews.  But I could be wrong on both of those.  Either way, my point is that I have been following the industry closely over the past 3.5 years, back when the industry was really in its infancy.  Now it is somewhere past its … Continue reading

An Alternative To Lax Penni Friday

Champion performax shirt

A while back I wrote of my affinity for wearing lax pennis to the gym.  However, I do realize that a pinnie is not always the ideal choice to gym wear; some have argued that it is never an appropriate choice.  Although dissent is appreciated, I disagree with the haters.  Lax Pinnies are still okay. But to appease them, somewhat, I will acknowledge some other options for gym wear.  Some of which we can talk about another time, tonight we will talk about about more performance oriented clothing.  As an example I’ll discuss Champion’s Performax line.  Admittedly, most of the … Continue reading

Jay Butler Launches Leather Goods Collection

jay butler leather wallets and keyfobs

Dear Readers, A few weeks ago I announced that I was starting a shoe and leather goods brand, Jay Butler.  Proudly, I can now say that ‘starting’ has changed to ‘started.’  That said, late Monday night I launched the leather goods collection.  The collection consists of wallets, money clips and other small leather accessories.  Over time the collection will grow to include duffel bags, lap top bags, dopp kits and other small leather items. When I was designing Jay Butler’s first leather goods collection I wanted to keep things simple and classic (big surprise there, right?).  Functional and practical while … Continue reading