The Monsieur Fox Cufflink Review

monsieur fox cufflink review

I really like cufflinks.  Both wearing them and looking at them.  Some are merely objects of function.  Whereas others are that and more; objects of function and art.  Cufflinks and tie clips from Monsieur Fox are certainly worthy of being classed in the latter category. Monsieur Fox was started by Adrian Azodi in 2012.  And although based in Dubai, Adrian was raised in the United States, New Hampshire to be exact.  Which is partly where he draws inspiration from.  But for more on this subject check out this interview of Adrian by Business Of Everything. My relationship with Monsieur Fox … Continue reading

The Linkson Jack Bespoke Tie, Hat & Glove Review

cable knit wool hat

Many of the reviews I write on this site are for specific brands, not of stores.  I feel like the format of this blog and its reviews are more fitting for brands and their specific products.  So when Linkson from Linkson Jack first contacted me about doing a review I was a bit hesitant.  However, upon taking a more detailed look at the store and its offerings I realized that much of what Linkson Jack has to offer are things I have not seen elsewhere.  And in fact are not readily available elsewhere. So in the typical fashion of the … Continue reading

Industry Portage Tote Bag Review

Industry Portage tote bag

Shortly after my write up on Cool Materials went live I received an email from RJ Diaz, the man behind Industry Portage; a company that I had never heard of until then.  So I did my usual dissection of the brand’s website and to be honest, I was quite mixed on what I saw.  Some of the items I did not care for, and others were a little outside my normal style, but in the good type of way.  So I obliged RJ’s request to review one of his products. Eventually, RJ and I connected by phone, which I like … Continue reading

The Fort Belvedere Review

fort belvedere menswear review

It was over a year ago that I first spoke to Sven Raphael Schneider of Gentleman’s Gazette about his plan to launch his own menswear brand.  I remember walking around my office in circles while chatting on the phone with him, it was a great way to procrastinate doing my actual work, which at the time was accounting and auditing.  Once we got off the phone I knew it would be a while before he launched, but I was already excited.  I knew Raphael was not just talking to talk, he was serious.  And I knew that whatever it was … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Fur & Tweed (With A Dash Of Cable Knit)

wool cableknit hat johnstons of elgin

One of the best ways to define the seasonality of any given ensemble is through accessories.  In short, it typically holds true that lighter things for spring and summer and heavier things for fall and winter.  That has been particularly true as of late given the unsavory weather we have had here in the Northeast. We all know that tweed is an ideal cold weather fabric for jackets and suits.  But what to pair with it?  I feel that sometimes this is where many a man strays.  Oxford, twill and corduroy are natural partners for shirts and pants.  Flannel for … Continue reading

J Fitzpatrick And William Abraham Trunk Show At Leffot

leffot shoes

On Thursday (Nov 21) Leffot hosted Justin Fitzpatrick of The Shoe Snob and J. Fitzpatrick Footwear for a trunk show.  This much I knew before going.  I was rather excited for the show, as it is always a pleasure to see both Justin and his shoes, which I believe are an excellent buy.  He walks a fine line between unique and ‘out there’ better than any other ready to wear brand under $1,000 I can think of.  Although his line is still young, I am quite excited to see where he goes with things. What I did not know was … Continue reading

5 Fall Pick Ups For Less Than $50

brown and orange dapper classics socks

I realize that sometimes the things I speak of are too expensive for some people.  Or perhaps some of you are tired about hearing about made to measure suits (but don’t worry, I’m not tired of talking about them) and the shoes that go with them.  So I thought it’d be nice to put together a short list of 5 things that could help all of you get through the fall (and even winter) season in warmer and more stylish way. 1. Dapper Classics’ wool socks ($24.00) – Although at home year round, I find that wool socks are even … Continue reading

The Ethics Of Illegality: Ivory Cufflinks

ivory cufflinks

Last week I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a pair of hand carved ivory cufflinks, I acquired them immediately.  I am not 100% convinced they are real ivory, but at the price I paid I will get over it if they are faux or bone (however, upon trying the burning needle test they seemed to be the real thing).  Which I figure that at a minimum they are bone.  Either way, I will still wear them and they are still pretty badass.  And let’s for the sake of this piece assume that they are real ivory. But on … Continue reading

Reader Questions: How To Restart A Wardrobe

Question: Dear Justin,  I have been following your blog for the past half year and have enjoyed reading through your entries. What I would like to ask of you is if you could help me with some ideas on how to develop a wardrobe.    Currently I have the pleasure of residing in what is called the fashion capital of central europe, Prague, and so I have access to many resources regarding fashion. I am a student, but it being Prague as well as Europe it is expected to dress up if you are going out. Be to a dinner, … Continue reading

Frank Clegg Leatherworks Workshop Visit

frank clegg leatherworks

About a month ago I had the good fortune of visiting Frank Clegg Leatherworks.  Which to my mind makes some of, if not the, finest and most tasteful leathergoods in America. Frank’s journey started a few decades ago when his then girlfriend (now wife) bought him some leather working tools and he started making some stuff.  He thought he’d try it for 6 months or so and while on a leather sourcing trip to Boston he met a couple who contracted him to make some bags.  That was 1974.  Frank did business with that couple for over 30 years. Over … Continue reading