Things I Wear: Off To The Summer Soiree

summer soiree

The Summer Soiree yet again delivered one of the best nights of my summer.  Something about the combination of Nantucket, girls with pearls, pastels and the Chicken Box is nearly flawless.  Anyway, I don’t really know what requested dress code is, not sure anyone does.  But at an event like this is doesn’t really matter because both guys and gals in these parts just know how to dress for such an event. First and foremost I needed to wear something that I could dance in so linen and shorts were ideal.  Second, I wanted something summery and simple with some … Continue reading

50 Shades Of Red

Nantucket Reds

The subtlety of some things is what makes them so good.  To the unseasoned individual Nantucket Red is Nantucket Red; it just is what it is.  To an extent this is true.  The real stuff can only be had from Murray’s, as far as I am concerned so this helps keep things simple (although Lifshitz and Crew have tried to pawn off their versions to masses in the past). But like a fine wine, the aging of the Red is what gives it character, mystique and panache.  It is that fade that occurs over time that I speak of.  What … Continue reading

For The 4th

4th of july style

Not that any of you should need any guidance on what to wear on our great country’s birthday tomorrow but all things red, white and blue should be in order.  It would be un-American to not show your support. Depending one the days itinerary a few ensembles could be in needed.  I, for example will have a day at the beach followed by fireworks and a night of tomfoolery at an event that requires jacket and tie. Daytime will be easy.  A simple blue bathing suit with the pictured American flag sunglasses.  The night ensemble proved to be slightly more … Continue reading

A Blazer With Shorts?

blazer with shorts

There is little doubt that wearing a blazer with shorts is a polarizing topic in men’s style.  Classics and traditional minded folks are horrified by it.  Preps love it.  The misguided trendsters also seem to like it.  And with a quick Google search you can find an equal number of supporters for each side. More consistent readers of my musings will know that my influences are largely classic and prep.  That said, you may wonder where do I stand on this debate?  But more importantly, where should most men stand.  In short, I think it is okay to pair a … Continue reading

On The Virtues Of Croakies…

photo(2) (1)

Admittedly, they are not for everyone, but croakies are one of the finer things in life.  A simple and practical pleasure. I know nothing of their history, you know, how they came about and stuff like that.  But am rather familiar with their current place which seems to be heavily rooted in the preppy, ‘bro’ and southern style circles.  Or at least I guess that’s what you could call them.  I also see them a lot in the boating/sailing scene, but that overlaps somewhat with the previous three.  No doubt, rocking a set of croakies (or similar product) can add … Continue reading

They’re Nantucket Red, Not Pink.

Nantucket Reds

I can’t tell you how many arguments I’ve gotten in over the years over the color of my beloved Nantucket Reds.  The booboisie (my new favorite word thanks for Richard Press) seem to think they are some shade of pink or salmon.  But they are wrong.  Nantucket Red is its own color, a color that fades and changes over time, they carry themselves with a timeless elegance.  My pink and salmon colored shorts lie right next to my Reds in my wardrobe, so you can damn well bet I would have worn pink or salmon shorts if I wanted to … Continue reading

In Honor Of Lilly

Yesterday the sad news broke that Lilly Pulitzer passed away.  She was 81.  Her style was timeless. No doubt the biggest loss is to her family.  However, on a wider scale her death is also loss for many preps and those who like preppy style.  The dresses she created more than 50 years ago have gone on to become emblematic of a subculture and lifestyle cherished by many yet unknown to so many others.  Lilly’s was a slightly different blend than most.  Her vibrant pastel whirls and patterns are still unrivaled; even in their occasional absurdity which only adds to … Continue reading

For Sale: Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders

lilly pulitzer suspenders

I decided to have another go at designing suspenders.  This time I opted for Lilly Pulitzer fabric, instead of silk grenadine.  There are two varieties.  A pink corduroy with green embroidered bees and a pink, green, white and blue patchwork.  Both come with white leather ends, nickel plated hardware and 6 buttons to affix to the inside waistband of pants.  They are fully adjustable and should fit men up to 6’2″. The suspenders would look at home on any man confident (or preppy) enough to wear them.  But I think they would work best with a tuxedo, perfect for a … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Club Dress Follow-Up

A few weeks ago I voiced my support for a proper dress code at a club.  Which should have come as no surprise to any of you.  A few nights later I was fortunate enough to be back in the Motherland (Bryn Mawr) and even more fortunate to have a meal in the new formal dining room, of which the dress code was discussed during said supporting voicing.  Anyway, I thought it prudent to show how I thought it appropriate to dress for such an occasion, in case any of you are ever in a similar situation and in need … Continue reading

The Cary Collection

the cary collection picture

Some people collect for profit, others for love and yet others    Thomas Cary has conjured up some synergy of sorts of all these motivations and has built what is likely the largest collection of prep, wasp, anglophile and old school regalia, books and art.  He calls it The Cary Collection.  The collection occupies nearly every square inch of available space in Tom’s Upper East Side apartment.  But that is only the beginning.  He has a few offsite storage spaces which house the majority of his book collection which consists of thousands of books. At first sight the obvious inclination is … Continue reading