That Tweed Prince Of Wales Plaid Suit

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit

If you all have not caught on yet, I often have a thing for some rather aggressive patterns and fabrics; especially in aggressive configurations.  Think Lilly Pulitzer vests and double breasted windowpane suits.  So going into my last visit with Joe from Bros I decided I wanted to get something in tweed, preferably a plaid. Little did I expect to find something so fit for the bill.  So bold and yet still tasteful.  So much a country/suburb fabric, but still wearable in the city if needed (or if I so desired).  And in colors that fit me. What I … Continue reading

The Knot Standard Review

knot standard review

I was approached last summer by the good people at Knot Standard, until then an unknown name by me in the ever growing made to measure/custom marketplace.  A few things immediately caught my attention.  First, they claimed to be a bespoke operation in that they could accommodate any request yet still keep their price point under $1,000 (more on that later, obviously).  Second, that Knot Standard has its production in Dubai; however, the company is based in New York City.  So we had a nice chat and in short order agreed upon doing a review of the company’s suits and … Continue reading

A Few Hours At Duca Sartoria…

Max Girombelli

Imagine a boy with a simulatneously innocent and mischevious smirk upon his face that is somewhere between Dennis The Menace and Kevin McAllister.  Now, imagine said boy running through rows upon rows of fabric bolts somewhere off in Italy.  For men’s clothing enthusiasts like myself that sounds like some sort of dream sequence.  But for Max Girombelli that was childhood. Fast forward a few decades.  Now imagine a man who sits upon a 15th story balcony on a sunny day in Midtown Manhattan with a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other.  Technically this man is at … Continue reading

It’s Not All About The Clothes

Note: this is to serve as the preface for a series of articles that will focus on tailors, custom clothiers, businessmen, suit makers and others who are involved in a more traditional method of the made to measure and bespoke suit craft (so nearly anything minus the online mtm operations).  Part of each article will focus on the story, suits and craft of the individuals.  But another part will focus on the legacy of those individuals.   For suits of a certain level of quality it is true that sometimes said suits will outlast their makers (and ever their wearers) … Continue reading

The Right Question To Ask

“Who is the best made to measure brand? Is Indochino better than Black Lapel or vice versa? Is it worth it to go to MyTailor over MySuit? What do you think about Astor & Black? Have you ever heard of Michael Andrews Bespoke?” I get asked all of these questions and more, every week, almost every day. Sometimes a guy only asks one of the questions and other times all of them. I don’t mind, in fact I often take pleasure in answering. Helping guys dress better is one of the primary objectives of this whole blog thing anyway, right? … Continue reading

A Few Words On Steven Hitchcock…

Steven Hitchcock tailor

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be put in contact with Steven Hitchcock by our mutual friend Rose Callahan.  Up until that point I had only heard of Steven, I had never seen him or his work in person.  And by his work I mean his bespoke suits; he is a tailor, mind you.  He champions what he calls the ‘soft drape,’ a cut that he has developed.  And he has worked on or around Savile Row for his entire career.  Needless to say, the quality of his pedigree is not in question. Some of you regular … Continue reading