An Alternative To Lax Penni Friday

Champion performax shirt

A while back I wrote of my affinity for wearing lax pennis to the gym.  However, I do realize that a pinnie is not always the ideal choice to gym wear; some have argued that it is never an appropriate choice.  Although dissent is appreciated, I disagree with the haters.  Lax Pinnies are still okay. But to appease them, somewhat, I will acknowledge some other options for gym wear.  Some of which we can talk about another time, tonight we will talk about about more performance oriented clothing.  As an example I’ll discuss Champion’s Performax line.  Admittedly, most of the … Continue reading

Lax Pinnie Friday

lax pennie friday

My life is riddled with guilty pleasures.  I have found that my life functions a bit more smoothly with them, rather than without them.  A while back I shared about my secret love for the Supreme 5 panel hat.  Today I would like to opine on the supremacy of the lax pinnie.  Of course, there are numerous other guilty pleasures, they can either be discussed later on or have no place on this blog. So what is it about lax pinnies that make them both acceptable for wear in public as well as superior to any other form of dress.  … Continue reading

The Elegance of The V Neck Shirt

how to wear a v neck shirt

The Dude abides.  No further justification is really needed than that. Many of you will likely be surprised to hear that I wear v-neck t-shirts quite often.  Although I talk about tailored wear most of the time here on The Fine Young Gentleman, I wear suits less than half of the time.  But I chose to write about them most of the time.  That said, I still rarely leave the house in anything less than a collared shirt, but when I do chances are pretty good it is my ambulance company’s shirt or a v-neck.  Why the v-neck?  Well, The … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Coyote Fur

coyote fur collar mens jacket

About a year ago I briefly discussed my thoughts on wearing fur.  Something I am strongly in favor of.  However, I failed to provide examples of it being worn.  Although I have since included it in a post or two I don’t feel like fur has gotten adequate screen time. In my original piece on fur I said that I though it was best to work fur into your wardrobe by means of accessories and accents, which I still believe to be the case.  Start small and work your way up from there.  Case in point: a fur collar on … Continue reading

The John Doe Shoe Review

john doe shoes review

The Mexicans are coming!  Well, their shoes are at least.  In the past 6 months or so, a few brands have come on the scene out of Mexico.  Just A Men Shoe being one and John Doe Shoes, being the other (yes, I know, the names could use some work).  Today we shall discuss the latter brand, in particular their Dover Chukka Boot. John Doe Shoes specializes in Good Year welted shoes, which are made at their factory in Mexico.  Which, if you care to hear my opinion, we are going to be seeing a few brands come out of … Continue reading

The Beckett Simonon Review

beckett simonan shoe review

I remember when I first heard about Beckett Simonon in late 2012.  So I went to their website, browsed the selection and almost bought a pair of shoes.  The only problem was that they were all sold out and I did not feel like waiting for them to restock.  Nonetheless, I still thought to myself that it was only a matter of time until someone started a direct to consumer shoe company, mind you, this was a year before Jack Erwin launched. Since then I have been keeping tabs on Beckett Simonon so when I received an email from their … Continue reading

Project Show NYC, Jan 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.07.44 PM

This seasons (well, actually its for FW/2015) Project NYC show had a good showing.  Admittedly, much of what is shown at the show is not my style, but I still really enjoy attending the show and seeing what some brands are churning out these days.  So as I perused the aisles of the show I picked out a few items that caught my attention. David Hart NYC I had never heard of David Hart NYC before, as was the case with many of the brands at Project.  What drew me to the booth was the tweed herringbone coat with wool … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Flannel & Shearling


In case you are not in the know the Northeast received a rather sizable dose of snow over the past 24 hours (I measured 9″ at my house in Bryn Mawr).  Minus my original train to NYC being cancelled today, I couldn’t be happier about the snow; I just wish I had more time to enjoy it.  Admittedly, I love NYC while it is snowing, but the black slushy aftermath leaves quite a bit to be desired.  I guess it’ll make traveling between menswear trade shows that much more…  Masculine?  Elegant?  Sprezzy (let me tell you how much I can’t … Continue reading

Things I Wear: To Brunch

what to wear to brunch

I love brunch.  To not would possibly be unamerican and unmanly.  But that is not why I love it.  I love it because the company is almost always good and the food should be enough to put you into a coma for the remainder of the day, if you so choose to eat in such a manner. Save the playful but mysterious little dishes for dinner; brunch is where we go to gorge.  Brunch is where metabolisms goes to die. However, there is one thing I hate about brunch, and that one thing is why I rarely indulge; the wait.  … Continue reading

How To (Not) Dress For College

how to dress for college

The pajama party that is many a college classroom and campus has to stop.  It is an outward manifestation, generally speaking, of a disregard for the importance of our academic system and the educations that it endows its students with.  And then there is the more direct and personal disrespect that it shows toward the teachers and professors who operate in said system. Don’t you guys give a fuck? Or maybe acting like you don’t give a fuck is really what it’s all about.  Sad. It is something I never understood and still don’t understand; guys wearing sweatpants, t-shirts, pajamas, … Continue reading