The Monsieur Fox Cufflink Review

monsieur fox cufflink review

I really like cufflinks.  Both wearing them and looking at them.  Some are merely objects of function.  Whereas others are that and more; objects of function and art.  Cufflinks and tie clips from Monsieur Fox are certainly worthy of being classed in the latter category. Monsieur Fox was started by Adrian Azodi in 2012.  And although based in Dubai, Adrian was raised in the United States, New Hampshire to be exact.  Which is partly where he draws inspiration from.  But for more on this subject check out this interview of Adrian by Business Of Everything. My relationship with Monsieur Fox … Continue reading

The Ethics Of Illegality: Ivory Cufflinks

ivory cufflinks

Last week I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a pair of hand carved ivory cufflinks, I acquired them immediately.  I am not 100% convinced they are real ivory, but at the price I paid I will get over it if they are faux or bone (however, upon trying the burning needle test they seemed to be the real thing).  Which I figure that at a minimum they are bone.  Either way, I will still wear them and they are still pretty badass.  And let’s for the sake of this piece assume that they are real ivory. But on … Continue reading

Elaborating On Rule 13: Why You Do Not Wear Cufflinks Without A Jacket

cufflinks without a jacket

So, I have this set of style ‘rules‘ that I have been known to live by.  The rules are really intended for dressing for business moreso than anything else.  That said, the rules almost always take a more conservative stance on any given issue.  Additionally, some rules are better to break than others.  However, one of them that should never be broken is Rule 13 (Thou shall not wear a French cuff (double cuff) shirt without a jacket). Anyway, I received a pleasant email from a reader last week inquiring about some things and commenting on others (it is always … Continue reading

Brands To Watch: Rotenier

rotenier cufflinks lone ranger

I have previously relished in my love of Robin Rotenier’s cufflinks.  So I am not exactly presenting a new brand this time.  However, Robin has been nice enough to put out some new designs in the past few months, as were showcased at his booth at MRket in January and pictured below.  The highlights are the Lone Ranger collection, which commemorates the upcoming movie.  If you remember in my visit to Robin’s atelier he was working on the wax model for the Lone Ranger boots.  It was a pleasure to see the final product.  However, I was drawn toward the … Continue reading

MRket Menswear Show NYC, Jan 2013

This seasons MRket show in NYC was another strong showing from some great brands.  Brands were showing their goods for fall/winter 2014.  As was the case last June there was a great installation from the gents at Brooklyn Dry Goods (photos above) to greet the attendees.  This time round they choose prohibition as the theme, and executed it exceedingly well.  Michael Macko’s picks were also on display, like last time.  There were many of the same brands from the show last June, but also some new one’s.  Most notably in the Vanguards section which includes brands like Rotenier, Armstrong & … Continue reading

Cufflinks: The Rotenier Workshop Visit

Note: I have spoken on Rotenier cufflinks on FYGblog previously, please refer here and here. “There are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets.”  Remarked Vesper Lynd to James Bond in the memorable scene in Casino Royale preceding Bond’s poker game with Le Chiffre and Felix Leiter, among others. But we are not talking about dinner jackets, at least not in this post.  We are talking about cufflinks.  Nevertheless, the underlying message of Miss Lynd’s statement can be applied to any item of a man’s wardrobe.  The point is that there are nice things that will do for most … Continue reading

MRket: Jan Leslie Cufflinks

There were two cufflink makers that really caught my eye at MRket.  The first being Rotenier and the second being Jan Leslie.  Both make beautiful cufflinks and fortunately they are distinctly different.  Jan Leslie’s cufflinks are colorful, playful and expressive.  Many of them are accentuated by moving parts such as arms and legs.  Almost all of the links play to a certain theme or allude to a well known motif.  My favorites included the mother of pearl flowers (above) and the angel/devil monkeys (below).  The mother of pearl studs and cufflinks are so simple and so elegant, an ideal accompaniment … Continue reading

MRket: Rotenier

rotenier cufflinks skull and crossbones

One of the booths that I was most excited to visit was Rotenier.  The links themselves are always in good taste and the craftsmanship is spot on.  I have mentioned the brand before and have seen a few of its pieces at Bergdorf’s.  However, I really wanted to meet the artist behind the beautiful cufflinks, Robin Rotenier.  My favorite design is the monkey and banana links and studs; they certainly speak to my adventurous side (and my childhood obsession with Curious George).  However, the product catalogue is expansive.  Over the years Robin has built up his designs to have something that … Continue reading

MRket: The Smathers & Branson Preppy Style

smathers and branson needlepoint flask

Smathers & Branson is the go-to brand for needlepoint belts for preps.  The collection the brand brought to MRket was the largest assortment I have seen in a single location, very visually appealing.  Historically, they have produced (and still do) the best needlepoint belts available for retail.  It goes without saying that the designs they come up with are spot on.  Over the past few years they have been constantly expanding their line to include key fobs, flasks, wallets, cufflinks, hats, pillows and most recently tote bags.  Given my enthusiasm for tote bags (whether used by man or woman) I … Continue reading