Jos A. Bank via SNL

jos a bank snl skit

It is no secret that Jos A. Bank (often referred to as Jose Bank in these pages) is the bane of many a well dressed man’s existence.  And for good reason, the brand peddles some ill fitting suits of poor construction.  It is concerning to see so many men wearing Jose Bank suits, but I hope that this blog has at least steered a few gents clear of the place. I remember that when I first had to start dressing for a corporate job (aka working for the man at Deloitte) I went through Jose Bank but thought I was … Continue reading

Oh, The Horror (2014 Oscars Men’s Style)


The red carpet was awash in sartorial disaster at the 2014 Oscars, as per usual.  It pains me so much to see anyone, especially celebrities, do black tie with such recklessness.  I do understand that many celebrities use the red carpet to try new looks (this year the white dinner jacket was huge), differentiate themselves and cash in on endorsement deals to wear a given designers clothing.  I feel bad for many of the designers, as many of their muses looked like, well, shit.  Indeed, any PR is not good PR.  True, there were some who did dress well, but … Continue reading

Happenings In NYC This Week

j fitzpatrick trunk show nyc

Good things are happening in NYC over the next week.  If any of them interest you, I recommend you make the effort to attend. Starting Thursday Meermin (review here) is having its first ever US trunk show.  They will be showing through Saturday (Nov 14-16), 10am-6pm daily at 481 Broadway, 4th flr.  I believe that Pepe will have some stuff on hand that will be exclusive to this trunk show, but I could be wrong.  At the least, he will have a solid spread of shoes to show, and hopefully swatches and samples for the MTO Meermin does.  For those … Continue reading

Smooth Shaves & Sleek Suits: TRIM Philadelphia

henry a davidsen philadelphia

Admittedly, the idea is not groundbreaking or earth shattering; that would be too much for the men of Philadelphia (and pretty much any other city) anyway.  But the idea it is a good one, the products and services compliment each other very well.  I speak of the Henry A Davidsen and 2B Groomed collaboration resulting in TRIM Philadelphia (Tradition Restored In Men) at the Henry A Davidsen shop at 1701 Spruce st (2nd floor).  Essentially it is a barbershop within a custom suit shop (it reminds me a little of Wingtip for all you of San Franciscans); a one stop … Continue reading

The Style At Radnor Hunt Races 2013

radnor hunt races

Yesterday was a grand day, in fact one of the best days of the year.  Year after year.  The occasion was the 83rd Radnor Hunt Races.  The day’s festivities surround 6 horse races, both literally and also more figuratively.  Both inside and outside the circular track thousands of tailgaters assembled in various forms of glory.  The day is much more tame than the Far Hills Hunt that occurs every fall; thankfully for the Mother Land’s sake.  Aside from the horse racing and general revelry, the other point of the day is to benefit The Brandywine Conservancy. Anyway, more along the lines … Continue reading

FYGblog x Indochino

As I noted last week I will be at Indochino’s traveling tailor event next Monday (May 20th) for the latter part of the day acting as a style adviser for any of my readers who may want to stroll by (I am not getting paid so I have nothing to gain here).  I have been through the traveling tailor process myself and found the results to by much better than when I had a friend measure me.  It is also nice to be able to see the fabrics and suits in person before purchasing.  I would also be remiss if … Continue reading

Men’s Style Of The Great Gatsby Via Brooks Brothers


For months I have been looking forward to seeing Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby and the men’s style in the movie, which was designed by Catherine Martin and made by Brooks Brothers.  This was only exacerbated when the release date was moved back from December 2012 to May 2013.  Among other things, I could not have been more excited or supportive about DiCaprio playing Jay Gatsby.  But after going to see The Great Gatsby last Thursday night I now see why it was moved back.  The movie is shit now, was shit six months ago and will continue … Continue reading

Indochino Traveling Tailor Hits Philadelphia

indochino spring summer suits

A few weeks back I announced that Indochino would be bringing its Traveling Tailor series to Philadelphia.  The shop opened today and will be here through May 27.  I found myself downtown today and decided to stop by the shop at 1518 Walnut st and can say that Indochino has settled into the space well. Since the New York event (which I reviewed) Indochino has changed up the workings of the Traveling Tailor events.  They now stay in cities longer, have longer appointments and have one person take you through the whole process, not have different people specialize in one … Continue reading

Suitsupply Opens In Philadelphia

suitsupply philadelphia

Suitsupply continued its invasion of the States this week with the opening of its outpost in Philadelphia at 1601 Locust st on Thursday.  As a Philadelphia area native who has moved back to the area I see what the mean of my beloved city wear and lord knows the men need some help.  So the arrival of Suitsupply in Philadelphia is not a moment too soon.  I pray that the men of our great city will realize there are options out there aside from Jose Bank, Brooks Brothers and whatever disaster of a discount men’s store they may frequent. The … Continue reading

Indochino’s Spring/Summer Plans

Indochino Summer Collection

Indochino is yet again making moves.  In the past two days they have announced both a traveling tailor event in Philadelphia (May 10-27) as well as revealed their summer fabric collection.  I am quite excited for Indochino to come to Philadelphia (Suitsupply opened their PHL outpost at 1601 Locust yesterday so it is a good spring for men’s style in Philadelphia).  A source at Indochino also told me that they are to have a half lining option coming along quite soon which would really help legitimize the credentials of the spring and summer collections.  On a personal note, I for … Continue reading