I Am Dandy: Or The Night The Dandies Took Over Bergdorf Goodman

I am dandy

It was nearly a year ago that I spoke with Rose Callahan and she revealed to me her plans to partner with Nathaniel Adams for a book on Dandies.  A natural team as well as a natural extension of both of their works.  Rose has been putting out The Dandy Portraits for a few years now and Natty works at the Against Nature Atelier and also does writing on dandies at Lives Of The Dandies. At last the book Rose spoke of, I Am Dandy has been released.  Bergdorf Goodman hosted a launch party last Thursday at its men’s store, … Continue reading

For Sale: Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders

lilly pulitzer suspenders

I decided to have another go at designing suspenders.  This time I opted for Lilly Pulitzer fabric, instead of silk grenadine.  There are two varieties.  A pink corduroy with green embroidered bees and a pink, green, white and blue patchwork.  Both come with white leather ends, nickel plated hardware and 6 buttons to affix to the inside waistband of pants.  They are fully adjustable and should fit men up to 6’2″. The suspenders would look at home on any man confident (or preppy) enough to wear them.  But I think they would work best with a tuxedo, perfect for a … Continue reading

Dandy Talk

nyc dandy event

Certainly as a nod to the times we are in, The National Arts Club hosted an event this Friday, October 5th on all things Dandy.  Yes, Dandy.  The event was titled Dandy Talk.  Over the decades the term Dandy has been applied to a wide array of gentleman with an equally diverse array of styles.  But it really comes down to the fact that a Dandy is ‘a man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners or something very good or agreeable…’  In case you are wondering, I do not consider myself a Dandy; I just believe in dressing … Continue reading