Things I Wear: Fur & Tweed (With A Dash Of Cable Knit)

wool cableknit hat johnstons of elgin

One of the best ways to define the seasonality of any given ensemble is through accessories.  In short, it typically holds true that lighter things for spring and summer and heavier things for fall and winter.  That has been particularly true as of late given the unsavory weather we have had here in the Northeast. We all know that tweed is an ideal cold weather fabric for jackets and suits.  But what to pair with it?  I feel that sometimes this is where many a man strays.  Oxford, twill and corduroy are natural partners for shirts and pants.  Flannel for … Continue reading

Obama Takes It Off

obama takes off jacket

Obama has no problem catching headlines.  And he shouldn’t, he is the President Of The United States Of America.  Admittedly, I don’t follow his, or other politicians headlines.  But from time to time my attention is grabbed. Case in point, when said POTUS took off his jacket in front of a crowd in Berlin last week while giving a speech on global warming.  The political message interested me little.  But the fact that the President took off his jacket while giving a speech in front of thousands?  Sheeeit.  This was no town hall meeting. To set up the removal of … Continue reading

Tweed For The Summer?

tweed in the summer

Tweed in the summer?  I know what your thinking… That jackass who writes The Fine Young Gentleman has lost it.  Perhaps. But, I am one of those people who believe that tweed can be worn year round.  The weather and tweed itself have to be just right for it to work in summer and spring, however.  I think the light gray of this jacket lends itself to usage on cool spring/summer nights as well as overcast days like today (it is 55, cloudy and raining). The jacket itself looks to be something out of the heyday of Tommy Nutter with … Continue reading

Newcomers: American Trench

American Trench

I have oft relished in my love for Philadelphia and The Main Line.  And now that I am spending much of my time back here I have been keeping an eye out for brands and stores that are based here.  One of which is American Trench, which was brought to my attention by Jake over at Modern Fellows. A few years back the gents at American Trench, David Neill and Jacob Hurwitz, set out to create a Made In America trench coat.  And they have succeeded.  The company is based outside of Philadelphia in Wynnewood, which is only a few … Continue reading

Indochino Suit Review, Version 2.0

Note: Since time of publication my stance on Indochino has changed.  Please refer to this most recent review for updated thoughts. A few months back the good people at Indochino made a stop in New York City to show off their latest goods in the NYC installment of their traveling tailor series.  Indochino chose to hold the event in Grand Central Terminal, which to my mind was a near perfect place for such an event.  But the best part of the event was the opportunity to see all of the Indochino products in person in one place at one time.  … Continue reading

Things I Wear, XIV

I just couldn’t bring myself to wear ‘business casual’ yesterday, so I opted for something a little more expressive and interesting.  For some reason I was determined to wear my Stubbs & Wootton Solunas so I based the whole outfit around those.  They are black velvet with a sun on the right foot and moon and stars on the left.  A black belt is needed but the buckle could go either silver or gold.  Once I decided to throw on a blazer gold was the only option.  I wanted to keep things simple on top so I opted for a … Continue reading

At The Races…

There are events and then there are Events.  The Radnor Hunt Races are of the latter.  Somewhat akin to Foxfields and Far Hills Races (known to us NYC dwellers as ‘The Hunt’), except more intimate and local; the way many of us like it.  Preakness was nothing but an afterthought for many of us.  The day is one of racing, philanthropy, socializing, boozing, amazing attire from both male and female and general tomfoolery (thanks to Subaru for the hospitality).  Oh, and the weather was perfect.  In fact, the entire day was perfect. I would be remiss if I did not … Continue reading

Some Advice On Selecting Fabrics…

Over the course of my many experiences with various made to measure shirt and suit companies there are a few things that I have learned, or at least I hope I’ve learned.  One of the most important is how to best select a fabric for one’s garments; and really it is quite simple.  In order to best see how a given fabric will look as a jacket, pants or suit it is best to see it already made as a suit (as seen above).  If that is not feasible it is best to see the largest possible piece of fabric, … Continue reading

Made To Measure Suiting: Alton Lane, Pt III

It’s time to start wrapping things up with all of the various made to measure series.  Alton Lane will be the first.  In the next few days I will follow up with the final Indochino post, additionally, you can see my thoughts on My.Suit.  Sometime in the next ten days or so I will have the second posts in the Black Lapel and My Tailor series as well.  And finally when all is said and done I am going to prepare a summary of all of the experiences in effort to centralize all of the information in a more concise … Continue reading

A Brief Thought On Jacket Linings…

I was at Zohreh in midtown earlier this week for a blazer fitting (yes, we shall have a series on the experience) and was discussing my dilemma to line or not line the blazer.  As I was planning to have it for summer use not having a lining seemed most logical, as it would allow for greater air circulation which would help moderate my body temperature and perspiration.  However, Sean, the proprietor, steered me toward a lining. Sean brought up a few points that I had until then mostly discounted.  The first of which was that the lining helps with … Continue reading