That Tweed Prince Of Wales Plaid Suit

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit

If you all have not caught on yet, I often have a thing for some rather aggressive patterns and fabrics; especially in aggressive configurations.  Think Lilly Pulitzer vests and double breasted windowpane suits.  So going into my last visit with Joe from Bros I decided I wanted to get something in tweed, preferably a plaid. Little did I expect to find something so fit for the bill.  So bold and yet still tasteful.  So much a country/suburb fabric, but still wearable in the city if needed (or if I so desired).  And in colors that fit me. What I … Continue reading

The Arden Reed Suit Review

arden reed suit review

This review is a long time coming, arguably overdue.  For that I owe Arden Reed an apology for taking so long.  Anyway, I first came in contact with Arden Reed about a year and a half ago when they reached out to me.  However, we decided the time was not quite right to do a review of their suits; so we held off. Fast forward a year and the construction of a truck designed to measure guys for suits and Carlos (Arden Reed’s co-founder, the other being Mike Abadi) and I decided it was time to do a review of … Continue reading

The Best Custom Shirts In NYC?

best custom shirts in nyc

The best custom shirts in NYC?  That’s an aggressive question to answer as well as a bold implication.  I cannot say that the shirts that The Sock Hop makes out of its small Nolita store (I don’t think anyone truly knows the borders of the neighborhoods down there) are the best in NYC they are certainly some of the best.  I can say, however, that the shirt they made for me is certainly one of the nicest shirts I own and the nicest shirt that I have had made by a brand in NYC.  In fact, it may perhaps be … Continue reading

The Black Lapel Suit Review, 2.0

Black Lapel custom suit review

It has been a year and a half since I first reviewed Black Lapel.  Which in terms of the online made to measure suiting industry, which is still in its infancy, is a very long time.  There has been a steady influx of new players and the steady growth of old players; Black Lapel belongs in the latter category in case you were wondering.  The prices (at Black Lapel and elsewhere) have pretty much stayed constant but the expectations of consumers have gone up; reasonably so.  Fortunately, the level of quality of fabrics, construction, fit and customer service has also … Continue reading

The Camicia Shirt Review

camicia custom shirt review

I was approached by Camicia shirts a few months ago asking me to do a review of their shirts.  Until then I had not heard of the brand, which happens often.  There are so many custom shirt and suit brands popping up that I cannot keep track of them.  So I always like when I am approached by new ones because it allows me to see what else is out there.  Anyway, I obviously obliged Camicia so here is the Camicia shirt review. Camicia (who’s customer service and responsiveness has been quite good) and I agreed that it would be … Continue reading

The Dragon Inside Suit Review, v2.0

dragon inside suit review

It was only a few months ago that I released my first review of Dragon Inside’s suits (which was largely positive).  So why review them again so soon?  First, because most of the criticisms that I identified in the first review have been resolved.  Namely, instead of adhesive securing the pant bottoms there is now stitching, the fabric has now been folded over the collar to the underside and there is no fraying around the buttonholes.  Second, Dragon Inside has introduced some new vest styles and seasonal fabrics they wanted to show off and frankly, I was eager to help … Continue reading

The Matthew Aperry Suit Review

matthew aperry suit

As it starts with most suit companies I receive an email asking if I would like to review their suits.  If I have heard of the company and seen their site before I need to do little due diligence.  However, when I have not heard of the brand my first step is to do a little research.  Something that is hard to do with new or really small companies, which was the case with Matthew Aperry. Upon first looking at the Matthew Aperry website I was, to be honest, not impressed.  The site was not as clean as many others … Continue reading

The Dragon Inside Suit Review

dragon inside suits

A few months back I was approached by Bobby of Dragon Inside to review the company’s suits.  To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first, as the website needs some work and the photos on it are not the best.  But now that I have worn my own Dragon Inside suit, I can say that they do not do the suits proper justice.  But regardless, I do not think that a company’s site should bar it from being reviewed.  The company was also only a few months old at the time so I figured things were only going … Continue reading

The A Suit That Fits Suit Review

a suit that fits review

I love hearing about new made to measure/custom suit operations.  It means competition in the markerplace is increasing, which ideally will push each maker to produce a better product and differentiate themselves in some way.  Theoretically, this will benefit the customers.  This review of A Suit That Fits will kick off new round of reviews over the next week or so; suits from Dragon Inside and Matthew A Perry and socks from Mes Chaussettes Rouges will be the subjects of three other reviews over the next few weeks. But back to point, A Suit That Fits is not a new suit … Continue reading

FYGblog x Indochino

As I noted last week I will be at Indochino’s traveling tailor event next Monday (May 20th) for the latter part of the day acting as a style adviser for any of my readers who may want to stroll by (I am not getting paid so I have nothing to gain here).  I have been through the traveling tailor process myself and found the results to by much better than when I had a friend measure me.  It is also nice to be able to see the fabrics and suits in person before purchasing.  I would also be remiss if … Continue reading