An Open Letter To Richard Branson’s No Tie Policy

richard branson no ties

It is no secret that Richard Branson does not care for ties, and he’s trying to convince everyone and their mom to get on his bandwagon.  He has gone so far as to promote people to carry scissors around and cut off other people’s ties (which brings to mind scenes from my beloved The Wire when the homicide detectives would cut off their sleeping-on-the-job compatriots’ ties).  As you can imagine, I am not the first men’s style site to pick up on this (check here and here), and I am sure I will not be the last. It seems that … Continue reading

The Linkson Jack Bespoke Tie, Hat & Glove Review

cable knit wool hat

Many of the reviews I write on this site are for specific brands, not of stores.  I feel like the format of this blog and its reviews are more fitting for brands and their specific products.  So when Linkson from Linkson Jack first contacted me about doing a review I was a bit hesitant.  However, upon taking a more detailed look at the store and its offerings I realized that much of what Linkson Jack has to offer are things I have not seen elsewhere.  And in fact are not readily available elsewhere. So in the typical fashion of the … Continue reading

The Fort Belvedere Review

fort belvedere menswear review

It was over a year ago that I first spoke to Sven Raphael Schneider of Gentleman’s Gazette about his plan to launch his own menswear brand.  I remember walking around my office in circles while chatting on the phone with him, it was a great way to procrastinate doing my actual work, which at the time was accounting and auditing.  Once we got off the phone I knew it would be a while before he launched, but I was already excited.  I knew Raphael was not just talking to talk, he was serious.  And I knew that whatever it was … Continue reading

Happenings In NYC This Week

j fitzpatrick trunk show nyc

Good things are happening in NYC over the next week.  If any of them interest you, I recommend you make the effort to attend. Starting Thursday Meermin (review here) is having its first ever US trunk show.  They will be showing through Saturday (Nov 14-16), 10am-6pm daily at 481 Broadway, 4th flr.  I believe that Pepe will have some stuff on hand that will be exclusive to this trunk show, but I could be wrong.  At the least, he will have a solid spread of shoes to show, and hopefully swatches and samples for the MTO Meermin does.  For those … Continue reading

From Day To Night

what to wear at night for men

A while back I posted a question on the FYG facebook page asking if there were any topics you gentlemen wanted discussed.  One of the proposed topics, and this is my paraphrase, asked how to take your daytime business suit/outfit and transition into a nighttime affair. The simplest and most concise answer is that it is all in the accessories; belts, ties, cufflinks, socks, pocket squares and suspenders.  It is partially a play on formality and partially a play between conservative and playful.  By changing a few of your accessories you can take a solid navy suit from your desk … Continue reading

Brands To Watch: High Cotton Ties

As I perused the aisles of MRket in January I was first drawn to the High Cotton booth when I saw the madras cummerbunds, which are badass. Then I heard Mrs. Judy Hill’s younger son remark “In the south a man does not need an excuse to wear a bow tie.”   Reason two to like the brand and the people behind it.  Given the topic of a few of the last Rules Of Mens Dress you can imagine I was a fan of what I heard. And finally, upon talking to High Cotton’s founder, Mrs. Judy Hill.  I found yet … Continue reading

How To Pack Neckties

I am oft faced with the dilemma on how to pack my neckties.  Over the years I have dabbled with a variety of methods.  Rolling or folding them and placing them in or on top of clothes.  Rolling them up and placing them in pockets and shoes.  Both methods worked fine, but I was always worrying that something would spill on my suitcase, the ties would snag on something or if the TSA decided to randomly search my bag they would not take proper care in placing the ties back properly which could result in all of the above or … Continue reading

In Support Of Excess

Over the past few days I have been corresponding on Tumblr with the guy behind Mom Dressed Me This Morning as a follow up to his offer to sell a grenadine tie from E.G. Cappelli on eBay, which at the current price is a great deal if you are in the market.  In short, the point of my response was why sell such a useful tie, as I am fully confident in my belief that a man can never have too many ties, pocket squares, suspenders and socks.  At least ones that are are practical as MDMTM’s grenadine or ones … Continue reading

MRket Menswear Show NYC, Jan 2013

This seasons MRket show in NYC was another strong showing from some great brands.  Brands were showing their goods for fall/winter 2014.  As was the case last June there was a great installation from the gents at Brooklyn Dry Goods (photos above) to greet the attendees.  This time round they choose prohibition as the theme, and executed it exceedingly well.  Michael Macko’s picks were also on display, like last time.  There were many of the same brands from the show last June, but also some new one’s.  Most notably in the Vanguards section which includes brands like Rotenier, Armstrong & … Continue reading

Passaggio Cravatte Tie Review

passagio cravatte tie

I have in the past referred to Vesper Lynd’s statement that ‘there are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets’ in Casino Royale.  The latter being something worthy of admiration and recognition.  Well, Passaggio Cravatte is one of the tie makers that make ties and not ties.  In fact, the nicest tie that I, and probably any man in my family, has ever owned (with Louis Walton and Arnys ties not far behind).  A bold statement, you might think.  And as a logical question you might ask, what makes the Passaggio Cravatte tie so nice? The answer is can … Continue reading