UnAmerican: Retailing On Thanksgiving

stores open on thanksgiving

True, this is not the first year retail stores have opened for business on Thanksgiving. It happened last year, with Wal-Mart leading the charge, I believe some other stores had done so in years prior. Perhaps unsurprising to many of you, I am not a fan of this assault on Thanksgiving. I would go so far as to level the charge that it is unAmerican. And yes, I realize that capitalism is one of the pillars of our society. Needless to say, I don’t do Black Friday (at least in person, who knows what I’ll find online, however). Something about … Continue reading

Going Green With Your Wardrobe…

Being the accountant that I am (by day I am an auditor) I often think of the cost of an item of clothing being depreciated over a span of time.  And everything I buy I buy with the intention to use it for years, not months.  The longevity of a garment is one of the strongest arguments for buying quality goods.  Practically speaking: allocating the cost of something over multiple years.  For example, I purchase a nice pair of shoes for $500.  I expect the useful life of said shoes to be 10 years.  The cost per year would be … Continue reading

Off To Las Vegas…

Dear Las Vegas, We had a brief encounter a few years back; short and moderately sweet.  I was in no rush to end up back in your bosom.  But, as fate would have it we are once again on a collision course.  This time I have brought reinforcements and accomplices.  Although my judgement is oft flawless, their’s is not always so.  So, given that poor choices will be inevitable, and likely in abundance; let’s be nice, shall we?  Especially to the groom to be (which, for the record, is not me).  Anyway, let’s have some fun… Sincerely, Justin L Jeffers … Continue reading

Tough Mudding

On Saturday (April 28th) I shared the pleasure with a few thousand other people of participating in a Tough Mudder.  The whole experience was great.  The atmosphere before, during and after the race was one of triumph and comraderie.  The course was tough, but not that tough.  Anyone who is in relatively good physical condition should be able to complete the course, it just may take up to 4 hours.  The obstacles ranged from minor hassles like the  “Devil’s Beard’ (crawling under heavy netting) to significant exertions like ‘Hold Your Wood’ (carrying a 30lb log about a 1/4 mile).  We … Continue reading

Loves: The Simpsons & Sperry Top Siders


Long ago, back in the day, middle school and upper school to be exact (what we called 6-8 and 9-12 grades at my school, respectively) I was a fervent Simpsons fan.  Admittedly, I lost touch toward the end of high school and all but completely since then.  But enough with my lamenting, GQ put out a solid article entitled ‘A Simpsons Style Shopping Guide’ which takes some of the outfits from The Simpsons and finds modern day equivalents.  It’s pretty cool and a must read for any Simpsons fan. On a separate note I came across an article from Boston.com … Continue reading

Random Friday Tangent: Bros Vs. Hipsters

The weather is nice here in New York City, too nice for late March.  It’s 70 and sunny.  And quite frankly, this weather makes me feel like doing nothing.  I just want to  be outside enjoying the weather and take a vacation from the normal day to day.  So, along that theme, let’s take a vacation from talking menswear.  Sit back, relax and watch this video by Pat Stansik on Bros and Hipsters.  Typically they are sworn enemies, like Reds Sox and Yankee fans.  But from time to time some guys become confused, like the subject in the video.  I … Continue reading

God Save The Row

There are abominations and then there are abominations.  We need to discuss the latter, which is also the more severe of the two.  I remember when I first stepped onto Saville Row, it was unassuming and understated.  If you didn’t know the significance of the street you would likely pass it and think nothing of it.  And that’s the way it should be, shouldn’t it?  I think so at least.  But there was something that was off, the proper balance of things had been upset.  I did not initially did not know by who or what.  It did not take … Continue reading

Banksy & Street Style Photography

You know, I think it was shortly after Banksy, the now famous English graffiti artist, started to make a name for himself that street style photography started doing the same for itself.  Given, Bill Cunningham has been doing street style for decades but the new breed of street photographers took things to a new level, much like Banksy did for graffiti. Now, all other things equal (ie. ceteris paribus), I want to focus on the timing of these two things.  They did not happen over night, but instead over time.  Banksy came first, he started making a name for himself … Continue reading