New Rule: Rules 50 & 51

dont wear sunglasses in conversation

It has been while since I have made any additions to the ‘Rules of Men’s Dress’ list, although truth be told, there are many to add.  But this summer and all of the sun and sunglasses that come with it has had me thinking a lot about a few things.  Namely, sunglasses etiquette.  And thus, we have two new rules to add to the list. 50.  Thou shall take off his sunglasses when talking to someone else who is not wearing sunglasses.  Unless thou is at the beach or pool. 51.  Thou shall take off his sunglasses when inside.  Even … Continue reading

Other People’s Rules of Men’s Dress


Often, constantly, the Rules of Men’s Dress presented on this site are derided.  Most of that is done by the haters, I welcome that sort.  There are also those who support the rules, I also welcome that sort.  And then there are those who have their own rules, whom I am also compelled to welcome.  Admittedly, I do not live by all of my rules, nor do I believe that a man need to, as the rules are set out to be an uber conservative and fool-proof way to dress.  That said, I certainly do not fully abide by the … Continue reading

White Shoes Rule

There are various schools of thought on wearing white bucks and spectators (which ill collectively refer to as ‘white shoes’), no doubt.  Since my interest in men’s style took hold a few years ago I have heard murmurings about the differences in the rule on the subject between the north and the south.  Something I had always attributed to the warmer climate of our southern states.  However, a recent reading up on the subject, including an article from To The Manor Born, has shed some new light onto the subject. It is opined that this difference between the North and … Continue reading

Elaborating On Rule 13: Why You Do Not Wear Cufflinks Without A Jacket

cufflinks without a jacket

So, I have this set of style ‘rules‘ that I have been known to live by.  The rules are really intended for dressing for business moreso than anything else.  That said, the rules almost always take a more conservative stance on any given issue.  Additionally, some rules are better to break than others.  However, one of them that should never be broken is Rule 13 (Thou shall not wear a French cuff (double cuff) shirt without a jacket). Anyway, I received a pleasant email from a reader last week inquiring about some things and commenting on others (it is always … Continue reading

New Rule: Rule 46

46.  There should be no presence of logo or branding when wearing a suit.  For example, do not wear a Polo shirt with the Polo logo on it under a suit jacket or a Burberry tie with the Burberry tartan (although the scarfs are fine).  The emphasis of a suit should be the fit, not the brands it is worn with.

Rules Of Black Tie

what tie to wear with a tuxedo

A rather sizable minority of questions I receive from friends and readers revolve around all things black tie.  It also seems that men make an effort to bastardize black tie, celebrities being perhaps the most chronic offenders, which is unfortunate.  So, I thought it prudent to put together a list of sorts, rules of black tie, if you will.  It follows in suit to the Rules of Men’s Dress and is called How To Wear A Tuxedo.  As with the former list, the latter will also be a constant work in progress.  That is, guidelines will be added as appropriate.  … Continue reading