Things I Wear: Coyote Fur

coyote fur collar mens jacket

About a year ago I briefly discussed my thoughts on wearing fur.  Something I am strongly in favor of.  However, I failed to provide examples of it being worn.  Although I have since included it in a post or two I don’t feel like fur has gotten adequate screen time. In my original piece on fur I said that I though it was best to work fur into your wardrobe by means of accessories and accents, which I still believe to be the case.  Start small and work your way up from there.  Case in point: a fur collar on … Continue reading

Obsession: Ski Socks

mens ski socks

I have numerous obsessions and addictions in my life.  Men’s style being an obvious one to all of you.  And as you can imagine, within mens style there are many items that would quality as their own obsessions; if you’ve been reading my ranting for a while you can probably guess what some of them are.  But one that I have not expounded upon in the past is my obsession with ski socks. I’m not really sure when I started wearing ski socks with casual clothing, I think sometime soon after I started skiing and snowboarding which I started when … Continue reading

City Vs. Country

hacking pockets and peak lapeled jacket

It is a simple concept really.  There are certain aspects of a suit that are derived from sport and country pursuits (think tweed, ticket pockets, hacking pockets, center vents, throat latches etc.) and then there are those details that are traditionally suited for ‘city’ or ‘business’ suits (peak lapels, pinstripes, worsteds, double breasted closure etc).  So these things should be kept apart, right? Well, no, not really.  I cannot think of any ‘rules’ that forbid city and country details and fabrics being mixed together in a suit.  But even if there was some rule… I suppose you could argue along … Continue reading

The Linkson Jack Bespoke Tie, Hat & Glove Review

cable knit wool hat

Many of the reviews I write on this site are for specific brands, not of stores.  I feel like the format of this blog and its reviews are more fitting for brands and their specific products.  So when Linkson from Linkson Jack first contacted me about doing a review I was a bit hesitant.  However, upon taking a more detailed look at the store and its offerings I realized that much of what Linkson Jack has to offer are things I have not seen elsewhere.  And in fact are not readily available elsewhere. So in the typical fashion of the … Continue reading

Tweed: Look Closer

mens tweed jacket

I was in a particularly long church service yesterday and as good as some of what I heard was, my mind did tend to drift elsewhere.  Much of the time I was drifting I spent looking into the fabric of the tweed jacket I was wearing.  It was the first time I had the opportunity to wear the jacket (I thrifted it down in Florida last spring and finally got it tailored this fall).  The tweed of this particular jacket happened to be a Harris Tweed, which we need not get into all the various types of tweed now but … Continue reading

Merry Christmas


I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas.  This has been a great Christmas season for the blog and I hope all of you have enjoyed. Among other traditions my family has every Christmas season, one of my favorites is to put up lights on the outside of the house.  This was the first year we put them on the roof (usually they are only on the shrubbery) and I am quite happy with the result.  It was a fun few hours up on the roof with the staple gun and a few hundred feet of Christmas … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Fur & Tweed (With A Dash Of Cable Knit)

wool cableknit hat johnstons of elgin

One of the best ways to define the seasonality of any given ensemble is through accessories.  In short, it typically holds true that lighter things for spring and summer and heavier things for fall and winter.  That has been particularly true as of late given the unsavory weather we have had here in the Northeast. We all know that tweed is an ideal cold weather fabric for jackets and suits.  But what to pair with it?  I feel that sometimes this is where many a man strays.  Oxford, twill and corduroy are natural partners for shirts and pants.  Flannel for … Continue reading

Things I Wear: To Brunch

what to wear to brunch

I love brunch.  To not would possibly be unamerican and unmanly.  But that is not why I love it.  I love it because the company is almost always good and the food should be enough to put you into a coma for the remainder of the day, if you so choose to eat in such a manner. Save the playful but mysterious little dishes for dinner; brunch is where we go to gorge.  Brunch is where metabolisms goes to die. However, there is one thing I hate about brunch, and that one thing is why I rarely indulge; the wait.  … Continue reading

Online MTM Is Going Seasonal, Finally…

indochino gray plaid

For at least the past year or so I have been urging the made to measure and custom suit companies that I deal with to offer more seasonal fabrics; linens, flannels, tweeds and the like.  During that time some of them have offered a few fabrics here and there; Indochino having by far the widest variety. But now I can gladly say that nearly all of them have some form of fall/winter specific fabrics on hand, something I hope continues for all seasons going forward.  We are all better off for it.  Season specific fabrics are one of the best … Continue reading

5 Fall Pick Ups For Less Than $50

brown and orange dapper classics socks

I realize that sometimes the things I speak of are too expensive for some people.  Or perhaps some of you are tired about hearing about made to measure suits (but don’t worry, I’m not tired of talking about them) and the shoes that go with them.  So I thought it’d be nice to put together a short list of 5 things that could help all of you get through the fall (and even winter) season in warmer and more stylish way. 1. Dapper Classics’ wool socks ($24.00) – Although at home year round, I find that wool socks are even … Continue reading