The Cobbler Union Shoe Review

cobbler union boot review

For the past few years we have seen the online-only market for suits, shirts, ties and accessories blossom.  The lagging category has been shoes; until recently Meermin was the most prominent name.  Over the past year there have been a few brands of note that have entered the online market place; Awl & Sundry, Jack Erwin, Paul Evans, Jay Butler and Cobbler Union.    For the purposes of this post, we are ignoring the first 4 and focusing on the last name, Cobbler Union.  I suppose it was around a year ago that I first heard of Cobbler Union.  Shortly thereafter … Continue reading

Jay Butler Launches Shoe Collection

jay butler pre order announcement w text

Dear Readers, As many of you know, I have been working tirelessly to start my own shoe brand, Jay Butler.  With great pride and excitement I would like to announce that the shoe collection is now available for sale.  The shoes are currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping out at the end of this week. The driving idea behind the collection is to provide men (and women) with a well styled, well priced and well made pair of shoes.  Long have I felt that there is a void for this type of footwear.  Particularly, that which is available … Continue reading

A Visit To The Jay Butler Factory

jay butler logo insole

Dear Readers, I apologize for the extended absence.  The blog has had to continue to take a back seat lately.  I have spent the last week and a half traveling, most of the time was spent down in Mexico at the Jay Butler shoe and leather goods factories.  Sadly, there was not much time for blogging.  Which brings me to something I have been meaning to mention for a while.  If any of you are interested in writing for The Fine Young Gentleman, please send me an email at  I am exploring options to augment my writing (and perhaps … Continue reading

Announcing My Brand, Jay Butler

jay butler tan penny loafer jeep

Dear Readers, A little over a year and a half ago I announced that I had left my job as an accountant to start a shoe brand, thank you to those of you who have given me your support since then.  I hope that all of you will continue to support me by continuing to read the The Fine Young Gentleman as well as patronize my brand, Jay Butler.  Although I have mentioned the brand a few times in passing I have remained relatively quiet about things.  However, I feel that it is now time to more formally announce Jay … Continue reading

Awl & Sundry Custom Shoe Review

awl and sundry shoes

It was only a matter of time until someone did the whole online made to order shoe thing right.  So, after a few years of waiting it has happened.  Or at least, it is as good as it gets for now, and I mean that as a compliment.  The ‘it’ I refer to is Awl & Sundry.  Although admittedly, Awl & Sundry is far from the first company to do made to order shoes, they are the first that I know of to work on multiple lasts with multiple styles of shoes and do it solely online. A few months … Continue reading

The Ed Et Al Shoe Review

ed et al shoe review

There are some brands that I follow the progress of for months and sometimes even years.  From time to time fortune smiles upon me and one of these brands will decide they would like me to review their products.  Such is the story with Ed Et Al, the young shoe brand from Singapore. Singapore?  You may ask.  Yes, Singapore.  Not only is the brand based there but the shoes are also made there in Ed Et Al’s own workshop.  At first thought it sounds like a pretty random place for a dress shoe brand to be based.  But in actuality … Continue reading

What Shoes To Wear With A Tuxedo

what shoes to wear with a tuxedo

This past weekend I attended a dear friend’s wedding.  The dress code was black tie, no complaints from me there.  There was a raw bar at the cocktail hour, certainly no complaints there either. Anyway, leading up to the wedding I received numerous inquiries from friends regarding what type of shoes they should wear with their tuxedos.  They asked about everything from ‘that shiny leather’ (also known as patent leather) to velvet slippers.  So the question arises, what type of shoes should a man wear with his tuxedo?  Fortunately for us men, black tie has some flexibility in what is … Continue reading

The Best Shoe Shine In Philadelphia: FYGblog X ToBox

best shoe shine in philadelphia

Previously I have spoken about ToBox, a new men’s shoe store in Philadelphia (25 South 19th st, between Chestnut and Market).  It also happens to be the best shoe store in the city (and dare I say state), specializing in unique and well regarded brands such as Carmina, Yanko, Rider Boot, La Cordonnerie Anglaise, Scarpe di Bianco and John Lobb.  ToBox rounds out its collection with more moderately priced brands like Swims, Moretti and Cole Haan.  Effectively, ToBox is to Philadelphia as Leffot is to New York City, which is meant as nothing but praise. Anyway, Tung, the proprietor of … Continue reading

The Shoepassion Shoe Review

shoepassion shoes

I think that it is no secret that the men’s dress shoe market is far better in Europe than it is here in the States.  This is due in large part to a proliferation of brands both old and new that sell well made and well designed shoes both online and off.  Of these brands is Shoepassion.  A German brand that has its shoe made in Spain and sells only through its website and store in Berlin. Shoepassion launched in February 2010 and was founded by Tim Keding and Henry Bokemeier, however, I have been in contact with Tobias Borner … Continue reading

Awl & Sundry Custom Shoe Review, pt I

awl and sundry custom mens shoes

The made to measure/custom suit and shirt industry has been doing quite well for itself over the past few years.  The number of players has increased greatly and partly as a result, the accessibility of made to measure suits (by means of the internet and lower prices) has greatly increased.  It was only a matter of time before the same started happening in shoes. Sure, Nike ID has been around for a while and since it is Nike, it is no doubt a huge operation, but it is limited in its scope.  However, aside from the top tier of shoe … Continue reading