Awl & Sundry Custom Shoe Review, pt I

awl and sundry custom mens shoes

The made to measure/custom suit and shirt industry has been doing quite well for itself over the past few years.  The number of players has increased greatly and partly as a result, the accessibility of made to measure suits (by means of the internet and lower prices) has greatly increased.  It was only a matter of time before the same started happening in shoes. Sure, Nike ID has been around for a while and since it is Nike, it is no doubt a huge operation, but it is limited in its scope.  However, aside from the top tier of shoe … Continue reading

The Arden Reed Suit Review

arden reed suit review

This review is a long time coming, arguably overdue.  For that I owe Arden Reed an apology for taking so long.  Anyway, I first came in contact with Arden Reed about a year and a half ago when they reached out to me.  However, we decided the time was not quite right to do a review of their suits; so we held off. Fast forward a year and the construction of a truck designed to measure guys for suits and Carlos (Arden Reed’s co-founder, the other being Mike Abadi) and I decided it was time to do a review of … Continue reading

The Beckett Simonon Review

beckett simonan shoe review

I remember when I first heard about Beckett Simonon in late 2012.  So I went to their website, browsed the selection and almost bought a pair of shoes.  The only problem was that they were all sold out and I did not feel like waiting for them to restock.  Nonetheless, I still thought to myself that it was only a matter of time until someone started a direct to consumer shoe company, mind you, this was a year before Jack Erwin launched. Since then I have been keeping tabs on Beckett Simonon so when I received an email from their … Continue reading

The Velasca Shoe Review

velasca shoe review

I was approached a few months back by the good people at Velasca because they were interested in a Velasca shoe review appearing on this here blog.  At the time, I had only recently heard of the brand, and I had never seen the shoes in person before.  Which I now know is because they do not have a physical presence here in the US.  Furthermore, they are also a young brand and do not have much presence on social media and other blogs.  So as we all know by now, I love reviewing and talking about new brands; so … Continue reading

MRket NYC, Jan 2014

mrket nyc

Of the shows that I went to this season MRket is the one that has to most crossover with my style.  It is also the one that I have spent the most time at in the past so it is always nice to see familiar faces and brands; which can make for a hectic yet fun day.  That said, below you’ll see some brands that I’ve discussed here before and others that I have not.  Hope you enjoy both, just keep in mind that most of what you see is for fall and winter of next year so you’ll have … Continue reading

Liberty Fair, Jan 2014

liberty fair nyc

Another show worthy of discussion is Liberty Fairs.  Liberty is quite new, I think this was only its second season, so the fact that it is of such size is surprising to me.  The feel at Liberty is somewhat similar to Project, although more workweary, if that makes any sense.  So much like Project, much of what is at Liberty is not really my style I still find a lot of what I see very interesting.  And some of it I do quite like.  So as per usual I scanned the aisles and took some photos of things that I … Continue reading

The Black Lapel Suit Review, 2.0

Black Lapel custom suit review

It has been a year and a half since I first reviewed Black Lapel.  Which in terms of the online made to measure suiting industry, which is still in its infancy, is a very long time.  There has been a steady influx of new players and the steady growth of old players; Black Lapel belongs in the latter category in case you were wondering.  The prices (at Black Lapel and elsewhere) have pretty much stayed constant but the expectations of consumers have gone up; reasonably so.  Fortunately, the level of quality of fabrics, construction, fit and customer service has also … Continue reading

The Camicia Shirt Review

camicia custom shirt review

I was approached by Camicia shirts a few months ago asking me to do a review of their shirts.  Until then I had not heard of the brand, which happens often.  There are so many custom shirt and suit brands popping up that I cannot keep track of them.  So I always like when I am approached by new ones because it allows me to see what else is out there.  Anyway, I obviously obliged Camicia so here is the Camicia shirt review. Camicia (who’s customer service and responsiveness has been quite good) and I agreed that it would be … Continue reading

The Soxfords Sock Review

over the calf casual socks

There is something that draws me to over the calf socks these days.  Although I am not completely against the wearing of mid calf socks, I don’t care to talk about them on this here blog.  A policy which has caused me to send numerous sock companies the other way.  Many of which focus on casual mid calf socks, the rest either on more formal mid calf socks or just plain ugly socks.  Until Soxfords approached me, I had seen no brands that specialized in casual over the calf socks.  Thank you Soxfords. Soxfords agreed to send me a few … Continue reading

The Linkson Jack Bespoke Tie, Hat & Glove Review

cable knit wool hat

Many of the reviews I write on this site are for specific brands, not of stores.  I feel like the format of this blog and its reviews are more fitting for brands and their specific products.  So when Linkson from Linkson Jack first contacted me about doing a review I was a bit hesitant.  However, upon taking a more detailed look at the store and its offerings I realized that much of what Linkson Jack has to offer are things I have not seen elsewhere.  And in fact are not readily available elsewhere. So in the typical fashion of the … Continue reading