J Fitzpatrick And William Abraham Trunk Show At Leffot

leffot shoes

On Thursday (Nov 21) Leffot hosted Justin Fitzpatrick of The Shoe Snob and J. Fitzpatrick Footwear for a trunk show.  This much I knew before going.  I was rather excited for the show, as it is always a pleasure to see both Justin and his shoes, which I believe are an excellent buy.  He walks a fine line between unique and ‘out there’ better than any other ready to wear brand under $1,000 I can think of.  Although his line is still young, I am quite excited to see where he goes with things. What I did not know was … Continue reading

My Thoughts On Suitsupply, Finally…

suitsupply suits

I have perhaps received as many inquiries on Suitsupply as I have on any number of the made to measure brands I have discussed, and not discussed.  The question is oft worded like this “[in regard to my recommendation to go made to measure] Okay, but what about Suitsupply?”  A simple enough question.  So I try to keep my answer equally as simple.  My response is often something like this, “I full heartedly recommend going made to measure, whether at Suitsupply or elsewhere.  I am not familiar with Suitsupply’s made to measure operation, however, based off of their off the … Continue reading

MRket Menswear Show NYC, Jan 2013

This seasons MRket show in NYC was another strong showing from some great brands.  Brands were showing their goods for fall/winter 2014.  As was the case last June there was a great installation from the gents at Brooklyn Dry Goods (photos above) to greet the attendees.  This time round they choose prohibition as the theme, and executed it exceedingly well.  Michael Macko’s picks were also on display, like last time.  There were many of the same brands from the show last June, but also some new one’s.  Most notably in the Vanguards section which includes brands like Rotenier, Armstrong & … Continue reading

Fine And Dandy Shop Hits New York City

Alas, Fine And Dandy Shop opens its brick and mortar version in NYC.  The shop is tucked away on a quiet block of w 49th st, 445 w 49th st to be exact.  The shop is decorated with a combination of product and vintage paraphenalia, like the ‘Dress well and succeed’ poster (photo below).  Much of the merchandise is the same as is on the website.  But it is always nice to see something before purchasing it.  However, there are additions to the sites repertoire, like some of the hats.  The shop is manned by Matt and Enrique (last picture), … Continue reading

The Cary Collection

the cary collection picture

Some people collect for profit, others for love and yet others    Thomas Cary has conjured up some synergy of sorts of all these motivations and has built what is likely the largest collection of prep, wasp, anglophile and old school regalia, books and art.  He calls it The Cary Collection.  The collection occupies nearly every square inch of available space in Tom’s Upper East Side apartment.  But that is only the beginning.  He has a few offsite storage spaces which house the majority of his book collection which consists of thousands of books. At first sight the obvious inclination is … Continue reading

Shoes: Pierre Corthay Trunk Show At Leffot

corthay patent leather shoes

Last night Steven Taffel’s venerable Leffot hosted Pierre Corthay and his shoes for a trunk show.  Leffot is one of the few stores in the United States that stocks Pierre Corthay shoes.  And to my knowledge, the only that offers a trunk show.  It was a pleasure to meet and talk with Mr. Corthay.  Whose shoes, much like those of my beloved Septieme Largeur, are of the more restrained French shoe companies.  Although the toes oft favor a more pointed shape, they are not to a point of offense, as I have seen some French and Italian shoes to be.  … Continue reading

One Orange: A Welcome Addition To The Nantucket Retail Landscape

The retail scene on Nantucket is changing.  Sometimes for the better, other times for the worst (ie Jack Wills and C Wonder coming on scene and The Golden Basket leaving).  This summer’s arrival of One Orange, is of the former.  The name comes from the storefront’s address which used to house Ladybird Lingerie (Ladybird has since moved to Centre st) and is just around the corner from the legendary Murray’s Toggery.  However, the fare at One Orange can be likened to being Murray’s cousin. The roots of One Orange are of a preppy tone, however, its style has evolved to … Continue reading

Maus & Hoffman Store Visit (Finally)

  A few months ago I made it back down to Naples.  This time I was lucky enough to make it by Maus & Hoffman when they were open, as last time they were closed.  I was also lucky enough to be guided through the store by a fine gentleman names Sam.  He was exceedingly helpful and respectful.  He was the type of salesman who’s presence I enjoy, which is rare, as most I want nothing to do with.  The merchandise spread is nothing less than substantial, that is if you style is somewhere in the old fogey prep arena.  … Continue reading

Cole Haan Concept Store Visit

On my adventure last Thursday I popped by the Cole Haan concept store on Prince St in Soho.  I have been quite curious about the brands Lunargrand shoes since a first saw them a few weeks back.  I hated them at first sight.  I still don’t like some of them; but the blue suede on white sole and tan suede on brick red sole won my favor. I love the upper of all of the shoes, but I think there is a fine line that is drawn between what looks good and bad with these shoes because of the sole.  … Continue reading

A Little Bit On Septieme Largeur…

Back when I visited Paris this summer it was recommended to me by Justin Fitzpatrick, The Shoe Snob, to stop by a new French shoe brand called Septieme Largeur (Seventh Width).  At first I was apprehensive, as I do not care much for the French shoe silhouette (but that is not to say there are not quality French shoes out there).  But, given the expertise of Mr. Fitzpatrick I decided to trust his judgement and I am glad I did. What Septieme Largeur tries to do, and it does do it well, is to combine the best of two worlds; … Continue reading