The Man Cape: Can It Be Done?

how to wear a man cape

Man capes?  Yeah, so maybe I’m off the deep end on this one.  I’m okay with that. Before I attempt to wax poetic let’s first cover a bit of backstory.  I was on Nantucket a few weeks ago and amongst other activities decided to do some photo shoots for the upcoming Jay Butler launch with the good people (or at least their products) from One Orange, Hudson Sutler, Heath Paine and Ellsworth & Ivey.  I couldn’t resist trying on a few of Ellsworth & Ivey’s capes, as I have been curious about experimenting with one for a while.  Only one … Continue reading

Don’t Trust The Man In The Suit

zero to one book

A few days ago a rather interesting article regarding men’s dress was published on the Economist titled Suitable Disruption.  The article discusses a policy that early Facebook and Napster investor Peter Thiel has which is to not invest in anyone who wear a suit to a pitch meeting.  The theory is discussed in more detail in his forthcoming book Zero To One.  This is not the first time I have heard talk like this.  Crazy, right? Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy wearing suits Mr. Thiel was referring to the tech world.  Not the entire world.  He notes, “Never … Continue reading

On Paper Vs. In Person

gucci roos paisley bit loafer

“I have a great friend to set you up with.  I went to college with her and she has a great job at Bloomingdale’s as a buyer.  Shes from the Main Line and is really pretty, at least an 8.”  One of your girlfriends tells you.  So you scope her out on Facebook, she’s at least an 8.  In fact you think you saw her on Tinder, definitely swiped right on that one.  Anyway, you’re sold, you take the date. On paper this girl sounds great; smart, well educated, employed and attractive.  You meet her in person, have some drinks, … Continue reading

How Formal Is My Suit: The Details

how formal is a suit

One of the most common things I get asked about is the formality of suits.  Both how formal a given suit is as well as how formal is it appropriate to make a certain suit.  And then on the other hand, how to make a suit less formal and how appropriate is a less formal suit for any given situation.  To help some of you guys I think it may be wise to review some of the more prominent details of suits, as well as the ones that have the most influence on the formality of a jacket.  Which, coincidentally … Continue reading

What To Wear To A Baseball Game


As far back as I can remember I have always loved playing sports.  Watching them, whether it be on TV or in person has always been a different story; but I won’t bore you with the details.  If I am going to a game I am also not much one to wear a jersey. Aside from the fact that I don’t really think the jerseys do much to flatter me, I can list about 100 things that would be a better investment of your money when it comes to your wardrobe.  More simply put, jerseys are just not my style.  … Continue reading

FYGblog Hits YouTube With Style Advice

canadian field jacket

It is no secret that many people prefer watching something to reading it.  It is often an easier and more passive activity.  It is also becoming a larger part of blogging and online media, rightfully so. So to do our part, Savile Row Society and I got together up in NYC to shoot a couple short videos on my thoughts on various aspects of men’s style.  Savile Row Society, in short, is a new men’s personal styling service, which if that is something you are interested in give their website a look. Topics range from basic things your wardrobe should … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Coyote Fur

coyote fur collar mens jacket

About a year ago I briefly discussed my thoughts on wearing fur.  Something I am strongly in favor of.  However, I failed to provide examples of it being worn.  Although I have since included it in a post or two I don’t feel like fur has gotten adequate screen time. In my original piece on fur I said that I though it was best to work fur into your wardrobe by means of accessories and accents, which I still believe to be the case.  Start small and work your way up from there.  Case in point: a fur collar on … Continue reading

Dandy Wellington Via The Dandy Portaits Video

dandy wellington

I would like to continue with my theme from yesterday.  That is, knowing and wearing what works for you.  A man who exemplifies this ethos better than most is Dandy Wellington. Dandy, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with a few times, was recently featured in Rose Callahan and Nathaniel Adams’ book I Am Dandy.  He is also the band leader of Dandy Wellington and His Band, a NYC based jazz ensemble. Anyway, Rose and Kelly Desmond Bray (aka Rarebit Productions) put out a video a few days ago profiling Dandy (titled The Dandy Portraits – … Continue reading

Oh, How I Wish I Could Wear That…

black and white plaid suit

I have long wanted to acquire a black and white plaid suit (like the one Nick Wooster is pictured in as well as the Tom Ford also pictured).  But I just can’t.  It just wouldn’t work for me.  Which is not something I say often.  And you may ask why, out of all things, can I not wear what is often thought of as a rather simple and classic suit?  Especially, when I wear some rather aggressive patterns and colors and feel completely comfortable in them. The reason is two fold; a mix of self awareness (which, as a side … Continue reading

Oh, The Horror (2014 Oscars Men’s Style)


The red carpet was awash in sartorial disaster at the 2014 Oscars, as per usual.  It pains me so much to see anyone, especially celebrities, do black tie with such recklessness.  I do understand that many celebrities use the red carpet to try new looks (this year the white dinner jacket was huge), differentiate themselves and cash in on endorsement deals to wear a given designers clothing.  I feel bad for many of the designers, as many of their muses looked like, well, shit.  Indeed, any PR is not good PR.  True, there were some who did dress well, but … Continue reading