Dandy Wellington Via The Dandy Portaits Video

dandy wellington

I would like to continue with my theme from yesterday.  That is, knowing and wearing what works for you.  A man who exemplifies this ethos better than most is Dandy Wellington. Dandy, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with a few times, was recently featured in Rose Callahan and Nathaniel Adams’ book I Am Dandy.  He is also the band leader of Dandy Wellington and His Band, a NYC based jazz ensemble. Anyway, Rose and Kelly Desmond Bray (aka Rarebit Productions) put out a video a few days ago profiling Dandy (titled The Dandy Portraits – … Continue reading

Oh, The Horror (2014 Oscars Men’s Style)


The red carpet was awash in sartorial disaster at the 2014 Oscars, as per usual.  It pains me so much to see anyone, especially celebrities, do black tie with such recklessness.  I do understand that many celebrities use the red carpet to try new looks (this year the white dinner jacket was huge), differentiate themselves and cash in on endorsement deals to wear a given designers clothing.  I feel bad for many of the designers, as many of their muses looked like, well, shit.  Indeed, any PR is not good PR.  True, there were some who did dress well, but … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Flannel & Shearling


In case you are not in the know the Northeast received a rather sizable dose of snow over the past 24 hours (I measured 9″ at my house in Bryn Mawr).  Minus my original train to NYC being cancelled today, I couldn’t be happier about the snow; I just wish I had more time to enjoy it.  Admittedly, I love NYC while it is snowing, but the black slushy aftermath leaves quite a bit to be desired.  I guess it’ll make traveling between menswear trade shows that much more…  Masculine?  Elegant?  Sprezzy (let me tell you how much I can’t … Continue reading

FYGblog Named One Of Best Gentleman’s Instagram Accounts

The good people over at Business Insider decided to name the @FYGblog Instagram account to the list of  ‘19 Instagram Accounts That Will Teach You How To Dress Like A Gentleman.’ The list had quite an array of different styles on it, including mine.  Everything from the super trendy Grungy Gentleman and Nick Wooster to UK Esquire and GQ to even Mr. Porter and Bergdorfs.  Needless to say, I am honored. So, if you are not already, give a follow to the The Fine Young Gentleman Instagram and enjoy liberally. -JLJ … Continue reading

The Style At The 2013 US Open

2013 us open

Every now and then there comes an event that requires one to put almost everything else on hold.  For me right now that is the 2013 US Open at Merion Golf Club.   I am in the fortunate position that I live only a few miles from the course and I am also volunteering as a hole marshal so I have spent considerable time on the grounds this week.  On Monday I pretty much felt like I was on the set of Jumanji, torrential rain started the day off.  You can see in the photos below how strong the storm surge … Continue reading

The Style At Radnor Hunt Races 2013

radnor hunt races

Yesterday was a grand day, in fact one of the best days of the year.  Year after year.  The occasion was the 83rd Radnor Hunt Races.  The day’s festivities surround 6 horse races, both literally and also more figuratively.  Both inside and outside the circular track thousands of tailgaters assembled in various forms of glory.  The day is much more tame than the Far Hills Hunt that occurs every fall; thankfully for the Mother Land’s sake.  Aside from the horse racing and general revelry, the other point of the day is to benefit The Brandywine Conservancy. Anyway, more along the lines … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Mother’s Day Brunch

blue linen pants

It is our family tradition to do brunch out at our club, this year was no different.  I won’t step foot in the clubhouse wearing anything without a collar on, but on days like today a jacket and tie are called for.  Not only because the event is a more formal one, but more importantly to show respect and appreciation toward the most important lady in my life, Mother Dearest (who was also nice enough to take these photos). The weather was a cool 60, but the skies were clear.  I do love weather like this, however, it is not … Continue reading

Celebrity Style Gone Wrong: Justin Bieber, Part I

Please, you knew this was coming.  And yeah, I’m going to be critical about it (skip to the last 3 paragraphs if you just want to hear me rant). In a sartorial catastrophe that seems to have hit nearly ever major and minor publication Justin Bieber has concocted one of the most successful PR stunts of all time.  Now, whether that was his intention or not is not for me to opine on.  But I shall opine on his outfit, which is offensive for any occasion at any time of the year except Halloween.  It is worse than Ricky Fowler … Continue reading

FYG Via Quest Magazine

how to wear a kilt

A few weeks back I covered they style The Hunt in Far Hills, NJ.  Shortly thereafter, Quest Magazine contacted me asking to use some of my photos and I obliged.  The November issue (which also happens to be the 25th anniversary issue) was just released and my photos can be found on pages 174-175.  Or, you can always pick up the new edition at various outlets around NYC. Enjoy Liberally, JLJ … Continue reading

Parke & Ronen S/S 2013 Show

Historically known for its bathing suits (with short inseams) Parke & Ronen has spent the past few seasons expanding its line.  Continuing along that trend for spring/summer 2013 it is.  And from my discussion with Parke Lutter and Ronen Jehezkel before the show that is where the plan to go in future seasons as well.  A logical move, for one cannot survive solely off of bathing suits. Anyway, I’ve liked their bathing suits since I first saw them a few years back, as I am a big fan of bathing suits with short inseams.  Although admittedly, most of the stuff … Continue reading