The Knot Standard Suit Review, 2.0

knot standard mtm tweed jacket

It was nearly two years ago that I first reviewed Knot Standard. The review was pretty positive, however, there were a few marks against the brand. A few months back we decided to do another review of Knot Standards custom suits and jackets, in this case just a jacket. I’m glad Knot Standard and I gave it a second go, sometimes one time just isn’t enough. Since my first review a few things have changed at Knot Standard. The website, the branding, the fabric selection and sales channels are perhaps the most notable. The most important of the 4, as … Continue reading

The Ravis Custom Tailor Suit Review

ravis custom tailor suit review 2

Like many of the reviews on this blog, the following review of Ravis Custom Tailors is a long time coming and also overdue.  For which I owe the brand an apology.  But more importantly, let’s get on with the review. Ravis Custom Tailor is not a brand that I have seen talked about on other blog.  There are, of course, a few threads on the brand on AAAC and SF; the consensus seems to gravitate toward the less favorable side of things.  Which oftentimes makes me more curious about a brand and its products.  Overall, my impression of Ravis has … Continue reading

The Indochino Suit Review, 3.0

indochino custom suit review

As some of you long time readers may know, I have had a bit of a checkered past with Indochino.  I had mixed results with the first two suits I ordered from them.  Although the second better than the first, it was still not up to par, not to mention, many people I had sent to Indochino had less than favorable experiences.  However, through all of that the company and I kept in touch and I gave them what feedback I could in an effort to help them better their practices.  In fact, at one point Indochino’s CEO Kyle Vucko … Continue reading

How Formal Is My Suit: The Fabric

dragon inside suit review

In the first part in this series I opined on the how the various details of a suit can help dictate said suits formality.  But the details (such as different types of pockets and lapels) are by no means the end of the story in determining how formal any given suit is.  Another, and perhaps more important factor is the fabric of the suit.  “But a suit is a suit not matter what fabric it is made of” you may say.  But no.  Far from correct that view is.  Even with the continual blurring of the lines between business and … Continue reading

How Formal Is My Suit: The Details

how formal is a suit

One of the most common things I get asked about is the formality of suits.  Both how formal a given suit is as well as how formal is it appropriate to make a certain suit.  And then on the other hand, how to make a suit less formal and how appropriate is a less formal suit for any given situation.  To help some of you guys I think it may be wise to review some of the more prominent details of suits, as well as the ones that have the most influence on the formality of a jacket.  Which, coincidentally … Continue reading

The Buttons ‘n’ Threads Jacket Review

buttons n threads custom suit review

To say I have been longing for a velvet jacket would be a gross understatement.   It is one of those things that I have been wanting to acquire since I got into this whole ‘menswear’ thing.  But I could not justify the cost of one and none of the brands that have asked me to do reviews of them worked in velvet.  But finally, my prayers have been answered and the menswear god(s) decided to shine some good fortune upon me. Enter Buttons ‘n’ Threads.  An upstart online made to measure brand based in Australia with its production in New … Continue reading

The Point Click Tailor Suit Review

This is the middle

The bar is being continually raised in the online made to measure/custom suit market.  New entrants have less room for air than they did one and two years ago.  Customer service has to be attentive and effective, delivery has to be prompt, websites have to be easy to use and the suits have to be at least reasonably well made and fit well.  For a new company or for someone just getting into the business keeping all of this in line can be daunting.  And as you can imagine, some do it better than others. Fortunately, for Frank De Jackmo … Continue reading

That Tweed Prince Of Wales Plaid Suit

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit

If you all have not caught on yet, I often have a thing for some rather aggressive patterns and fabrics; especially in aggressive configurations.  Think Lilly Pulitzer vests and double breasted windowpane suits.  So going into my last visit with Joe from Bros I decided I wanted to get something in tweed, preferably a plaid. Little did I expect to find something so fit for the bill.  So bold and yet still tasteful.  So much a country/suburb fabric, but still wearable in the city if needed (or if I so desired).  And in colors that fit me. What I … Continue reading

The Arden Reed Suit Review

arden reed suit review

This review is a long time coming, arguably overdue.  For that I owe Arden Reed an apology for taking so long.  Anyway, I first came in contact with Arden Reed about a year and a half ago when they reached out to me.  However, we decided the time was not quite right to do a review of their suits; so we held off. Fast forward a year and the construction of a truck designed to measure guys for suits and Carlos (Arden Reed’s co-founder, the other being Mike Abadi) and I decided it was time to do a review of … Continue reading

The Black Lapel Suit Review, 2.0

Black Lapel custom suit review

It has been a year and a half since I first reviewed Black Lapel.  Which in terms of the online made to measure suiting industry, which is still in its infancy, is a very long time.  There has been a steady influx of new players and the steady growth of old players; Black Lapel belongs in the latter category in case you were wondering.  The prices (at Black Lapel and elsewhere) have pretty much stayed constant but the expectations of consumers have gone up; reasonably so.  Fortunately, the level of quality of fabrics, construction, fit and customer service has also … Continue reading