Things I Wear: Leather Suspenders


Soon after I started writing this blog I happened to watch Office Space for the umpteenth time.  Not only did it lead me to realize that I didn’t give two shits about my job at the time, like Peter, but it also made me realize how much I needed a pair of leather suspenders.  As soon as I saw Bob Slydell rocking a pair I knew I had to have myself some.  So before the movie ended I had already ordered a pair.  Then sadly, they sat around for nearly two years before I finally wore them…  But when the … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Mother’s Day Brunch

blue linen pants

It is our family tradition to do brunch out at our club, this year was no different.  I won’t step foot in the clubhouse wearing anything without a collar on, but on days like today a jacket and tie are called for.  Not only because the event is a more formal one, but more importantly to show respect and appreciation toward the most important lady in my life, Mother Dearest (who was also nice enough to take these photos). The weather was a cool 60, but the skies were clear.  I do love weather like this, however, it is not … Continue reading

From Day To Night

what to wear at night for men

A while back I posted a question on the FYG facebook page asking if there were any topics you gentlemen wanted discussed.  One of the proposed topics, and this is my paraphrase, asked how to take your daytime business suit/outfit and transition into a nighttime affair. The simplest and most concise answer is that it is all in the accessories; belts, ties, cufflinks, socks, pocket squares and suspenders.  It is partially a play on formality and partially a play between conservative and playful.  By changing a few of your accessories you can take a solid navy suit from your desk … Continue reading

In Support Of Excess

Over the past few days I have been corresponding on Tumblr with the guy behind Mom Dressed Me This Morning as a follow up to his offer to sell a grenadine tie from E.G. Cappelli on eBay, which at the current price is a great deal if you are in the market.  In short, the point of my response was why sell such a useful tie, as I am fully confident in my belief that a man can never have too many ties, pocket squares, suspenders and socks.  At least ones that are are practical as MDMTM’s grenadine or ones … Continue reading

On Matching With Your Tie…

I never get bored of talking about how to match men’s accessories.  The combinations are almost endless.  It is quite simple, yet so many men do it so poorly.  There are many ways to approach the subject.  For today I will stick to using the tie (wool challis from Chipp2) as the foundation.  From that foundation everything else will play off of.  You can see that we have 5 colors on the tie; orange, red, brown, cream-yellow and a charcoal-blue.  My logic was to have each accessory play off of one color from the tie.  That said, the red boxcloth … Continue reading

For Sale: Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders

lilly pulitzer suspenders

I decided to have another go at designing suspenders.  This time I opted for Lilly Pulitzer fabric, instead of silk grenadine.  There are two varieties.  A pink corduroy with green embroidered bees and a pink, green, white and blue patchwork.  Both come with white leather ends, nickel plated hardware and 6 buttons to affix to the inside waistband of pants.  They are fully adjustable and should fit men up to 6’2″. The suspenders would look at home on any man confident (or preppy) enough to wear them.  But I think they would work best with a tuxedo, perfect for a … Continue reading

Celebrity Style Gone Wrong, II

Mr. Bass…  Or shall I say Mr. Westwick?  Either way, pull it together good sir.  As one of the wealthiest trust funders in Gossip Girl’s New York you would think Chuck Bass could afford proper braces.  And you would also think that Gossip Girl’s costume designer, Eric Daman, would have the wit to put Mr. Bass in proper braces.  But as we all know, all is not right in the world of mens style… As we all also know, I am a fan of braces; perhaps too much so.  Trends aside, they are a superior method of keeping one’s pants … Continue reading

Grenadine Braces


A few months back I decided it was time to have my hand at designing some things.  Given my obsession with braces and the blank slate they provide for one’s creativity I thought they would be a good starting point.  I wanted to keep things simple and unique this time, so I opted for a solid grenadine fabric in both navy blue and burgundy.  Both colors are accented by white leather tips and silver colored hardware so they can go with any color shoe.  The grenadine fabric is from Italy, the hardware has been sourced from England and all assembly … Continue reading

Questions From The Readers, III

Question: I had a question which I hope you reply to.  While wearing a trouser with loops and a belt, can suspenders be worn along with the same? Response: I am of the belief that if one is wearing trousers with belt loops and a belt that suspenders should not be worn as well.  It would just be a bit too much, both in terms of look and function.  But, I have often seen gentlemen wear suspenders with trousers that do have belt loops but fore go wearing a belt.  Although I am not a fan of this look I … Continue reading

The Bobs On Leather Braces

A few weeks back I watched Office Space.  I have seen the movie many times before, however, I have purposefully held off watching it since I started ‘working for the man.’  As I thought it would likely create some form of apathy toward my job whether temporary or permanent, but that is a discussion for another time.  The movie was just as good as I remembered, if not better since I now have a basis to relate to Peter and the other characters.  Mike Judge (director and screenwriter) is a genius.  But really Peter’s initial interview with the Bobs says … Continue reading