Things I Wear: Coyote Fur

coyote fur collar mens jacket

About a year ago I briefly discussed my thoughts on wearing fur.  Something I am strongly in favor of.  However, I failed to provide examples of it being worn.  Although I have since included it in a post or two I don’t feel like fur has gotten adequate screen time. In my original piece on fur I said that I though it was best to work fur into your wardrobe by means of accessories and accents, which I still believe to be the case.  Start small and work your way up from there.  Case in point: a fur collar on … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Flannel & Shearling


In case you are not in the know the Northeast received a rather sizable dose of snow over the past 24 hours (I measured 9″ at my house in Bryn Mawr).  Minus my original train to NYC being cancelled today, I couldn’t be happier about the snow; I just wish I had more time to enjoy it.  Admittedly, I love NYC while it is snowing, but the black slushy aftermath leaves quite a bit to be desired.  I guess it’ll make traveling between menswear trade shows that much more…  Masculine?  Elegant?  Sprezzy (let me tell you how much I can’t … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Cocktails At The Barnes

young professional night at the barnes

The Main Line was lucky to have The Barnes, and it is rather unfortunate that it does not still.  But Philadelphia is even luckier to have it; and many would argue that it should not have it.  I’ll put my views aside for now and say that how it is not is how it is going to be, at least as far ahead as any of us can see.  And Philadelphia, as a city, is better off for it.  Some would argue that the art loving world is also better off for it. But one fact is un-debatable, that the … Continue reading

Things I Wear: The Last Hurrah Of White Bottoms

white linen pocket square

As Labor Day nears here in the States the days to wear white pants or shorts dwindle.  At least for the more stodgy of us.  So enjoy it while I can, I figure to myself.  We’ve already covered the shorts with a blazer debate so we’re okay with that, right?  I felt like the white pinwhale corduroy shorts with bit loafers were a lot so I left things simple on top; a blue linen blazer and light blue oxford.  I’ve never purchased anything from Lands End until this summer, and so far I am pretty happy with what I purchased.  … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Leather Suspenders


Soon after I started writing this blog I happened to watch Office Space for the umpteenth time.  Not only did it lead me to realize that I didn’t give two shits about my job at the time, like Peter, but it also made me realize how much I needed a pair of leather suspenders.  As soon as I saw Bob Slydell rocking a pair I knew I had to have myself some.  So before the movie ended I had already ordered a pair.  Then sadly, they sat around for nearly two years before I finally wore them…  But when the … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Mother’s Day Brunch

blue linen pants

It is our family tradition to do brunch out at our club, this year was no different.  I won’t step foot in the clubhouse wearing anything without a collar on, but on days like today a jacket and tie are called for.  Not only because the event is a more formal one, but more importantly to show respect and appreciation toward the most important lady in my life, Mother Dearest (who was also nice enough to take these photos). The weather was a cool 60, but the skies were clear.  I do love weather like this, however, it is not … Continue reading

Things I Wear: To The Orchestra

what to wear to the orchestra

Last Friday I attended the Philly Pops Bond And Beyond performance.  The musicianship was excellent and I highly recommend going to a Philly Pops show if you have the opportunity.  It should come as no surprise, but I am a big fan of dressing up for the arts (orchestra, ballet, musicals etc).  Yes, that means at least a jacket, but more likely a suit and tie.  I was even tempted to go the whole way and don a dinner jacket to match the level of dress of the performers.  It should also not come as a surprise that the average … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Turnout Gear

vehicle rescue

Life is not always about men’s style for me although much of my time is spent dealing with the subject.  One of my other meaningful and exciting activities is volunteering as an EMT.  I have spoken briefly on the subject before but it was not in a necessarily relevant line of discussion to the blog.  But now since I am back home I have been spending more of my time at the station and on duty so I think I will speak on the subject more frequently.  Additionally, I think now is a good time to speak on the subject … Continue reading

Oh, The Stressors Of Suburbia…

The change in my wardrobe has been one of the most significant lifestyle changes that came with moving from Manhattan to The Main Line.  I went from wearing a suit, or at a minimum ‘business casual’ five days a week, to just casual five days a week… The fact that for over two years I was only wearing my casual clothing on the weekend and am now wearing it seven days a week has exposed numerous inadequacies in my casual winter wardrobe.  A problem that I know will persist into my spring/summer one as well.  A rather depressing and stress … Continue reading

A Day Atop The Mountain

I’ve been in Aspen the past few days.  Originally I had just planned to do a simple ‘Things I Wear’ post on what I’ve been wearing snowboarding.  However, yesterday turned out to be a rather adventurous and I feel like elaborating a bit more, and if you are the skier or snowboarder type you may appreciate (but if you just want the TIW part scroll to the bottom). Friday I hit Snowmass and yesterday Aspen Highlands and Aspen.  A friend advised me to go up to the Highland bowl at the top of the Highlands.  Thankfully, I took his advice.  … Continue reading