From Day To Night

what to wear at night for men

A while back I posted a question on the FYG facebook page asking if there were any topics you gentlemen wanted discussed.  One of the proposed topics, and this is my paraphrase, asked how to take your daytime business suit/outfit and transition into a nighttime affair. The simplest and most concise answer is that it is all in the accessories; belts, ties, cufflinks, socks, pocket squares and suspenders.  It is partially a play on formality and partially a play between conservative and playful.  By changing a few of your accessories you can take a solid navy suit from your desk … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Burgundy Shoes

In case you care, my two favorite colors of dress shoes to wear are brown suede and burgundy (or oxblood).  For today let’s dwell on the latter.  Here in the states burgundy is the most under-utilized shoe color.  Which partially as a result when it is worn it gives the wearer a bit more style and panache.  And oddly enough, I think burgundy is worn more here in the States then from what I have seen in Europe. So naturally, the question of what to wear with burgundy shoes arises.  It goes with just as many, if not more colors … Continue reading

Questions From The Readers: On Tuxedo Bowties

what tie to wear with a tuxedo

In on ongoing series I address questions I receive from readers, friends and fans.  This installment focuses on what type of tie to wear with a tuxedo.  That said, if there are any unanswered questions or if you would like to ask a totally unrelated question feel free to leave a comment of email at  For further discussion on black tie/tuxedos please refer to the ‘How To Wear A Tuxedo‘ page or my most recent post at Business Insider. Question: Hey Justin.  I am about to spring for my first bow tie and am wondering what shape and fabric … Continue reading

What To Wear For A Marathon

I remember running the last few hundred yards of the Philadelphia Marathon when I was a kid.  My uncle was running it so my cousin and I thought it fitting to join him on his triumphant finish.  I suppose it has been since then that I have always wanted to run a marathon myself.  I ran a couple half marathons a few years back and a Tough Mudder this past spring but a marathon has been somewhat out of the question.  However, my plan to race in the Toughest Mudder fell through and I longed for some form of abuse … Continue reading

What To Wear On The Airplane

what to wear on an airplane

Lately it seems the topic of what to wear on the airplane has come up a lot in conversation.  Especially with my beloved (and obviously flawless) mother.  John Tinseth says “not as good as it was.  Better than it will be”  The first part of his statement, I would reckon is correct regarding how men dress.  But everyday I hope that he is wrong about the latter.  For the way men dress for travel in particular here in the States is downright embarrassing.  Case in point: may parents were flying out to California a few weeks ago and my father … Continue reading

Far Hills Hunt: What Was Worn

far hills hunt races usa 1

The Far Hills Hunt is a beautiful thing.  Beautiful girls, Barbours, beer and Bean boots abound.  Seriously, what else does a man need… This year’s installment of the Far Hills Races (aka Far Hills Hunt or just The Hunt) was a glorious one.  Personally, I had a better time this year than the last two.  The day occupies a sacred spot on the social calendar of many of us, and for good reason.  It is consistently one of the best days of the year. The weather was flawless and the style was on point.  Anything and everything American and prep … Continue reading

Far Hills Hunt: What To Wear

The Far Hills Hunt?  Well, technically is the Far Hills Race, bbbuuutttt, I’ve never heard anyone call it that.  In these parts it’s known solely as ‘The Hunt.’  In short, it’s what you get when you put a few thousand kids with half their weight in booze in a field surrounded by horse races.  Which, mind you, are far from the forefront of most of our minds.  As the other type of riding is really much more entertaining.  The only question is figuring out who’s going to be the jockey first… Anyway, I am not normally a fan of promoting … Continue reading