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  1. Hey man I have been reading your blog for sometime now….Looking to get a new suit wondering if you have you ever tried out suitsupply before? Ive read a lot of reviews but just curious on any insight info. Thanks! -Jason

    • Jason,
      Unfortunately, my experience with Suitsupply only goes so far as stopping by the stores in London and NYC. The RTW suits look to be of good quality and a good value. They have a few different styles (different fits, lapels, pocketing etc…) so most guys can find a pretty decent fitting suit. But still not as good as something that is made to measure. Something of note however, is that they usually have some pretty unique fabrics. Some of which are great, others not so much. But certainly worth a look. Certainly a better value than Jos Bank or Brooks Brothers though. I hear their made to measure program is good, but again, unfortunately, I can’t speak from experience on it.
      Good Luck,

  2. Hello there sir,since 2012,i’ve made a such a tremendous change in my wardrobe,and me personally.I’m still learning;however,my concerns is in regards to wear should i carry or wear my keys? Is it possible for me to wear on my belt loop when i’m wearing casual to formal wear.The keys are dangling on a leather strap connected to a brass swivelbolt snap. I need your suggestion.what’s the rules for owning the amount of shoes,sport jackets,and watches? Thanks!

    • Kenneth,
      That’s a great question. Yes, it is possible to wear your keys on your belt look, however, I highly discourage it. There are key wallets that have a slim profile and fit into jacket pockets. What I personally do is limit my keys to 3 or 4 and keep them on the smallest ring I can find, so whether I have them in a pant pocket or jacket pocket they do not create much of a bulge. Or, if you carry any type of bag, they could go in there.

      • That’s great answer sir that i need,thanks! I would like to know about multitools such as leatherman,Gerber tools with a leather case or better yet they come in different sizes in the multitool world;however,what do you suggest what type of multitool i should wear whether with jeans,formal,and semi formal such as business casual? One more question? What’s the dress rule for owning footwear between formal ,and casual because i read from other resources claiming at least three dress shoes.I would like to know your opinion ,as is the same dress code throughout the men dress world? I’m learning all i can how to better my dress wear.

  3. Happy to have come across your blog, thank you. Have you/can you put together a list of your top online custom made suit makers? I have looked at BlackLapel and Indochino, which brought me to your blog. I appreciate your reviews, which brings me to my original question – have you out together a list of your top online tailors? It would be nice to have a reference point.
    Thanks again for your blog.

    • John,
      I will write a post on a summation of a few of the makers I’ve dealt with for you. As this subject is longer than a comment thread should cover. I will put it up mid-week this week.

      • Any chance you could do an update to this list as there have been many new reviews since then?

        I’ve been reading your website for a while and have for the good/bad come across so many good recommendations I’m in a little bit of an information overload. I think I’m leaning most on DragonInside (trying to be at or below this price), then Black Lapel. I’m also heavily thinking about Matthew Aperry for a couple backups to a daily rotation. IYO if I purchase 1-2 DI suits and 1-2 MA will I regret the MA because I always am wanting to wear the DI or are they closer than that in quality?

        Thanks again for your blog, it has really been enjoyable reading through your reviews.

        • Chase,
          Will work on one. DI and BL are better builds than MA, I encourage you to buy the best you can afford. That said, buying a few from different makers could also serve you quite well.

          • Cool. Thanks for the quick response, any updates will be appreciated.

            If you ever feel like getting really list ambitious and would care to do one on shoes that would probably be much appreciated by many more than myself. Maybe how they compare quality wise against AE and the like. I see you mention it at times but I really don’t know where you sit with brands like AE. FWIW realizing most of the brands you review can almost be splitting hairs on who is better, Shoepassion and Meermin are my two main prospects based on your current reviews.

  4. Wonderful resource you have here and your logo is adorable. But, um, perhaps some of the older posts–or at least the Tuxedo one, which is so prominently linked–could be updated. That is, edited. Sorry to be pedantic. I just selfishly want to be able to forward your site to all my male friends, with no aspersions thus cast upon my verbal honor. Let the crusade against sloppiness proceed in more dimensions than just the sartorial, correct?

    PS. A place to start: “Thou shalt, thou wilt, thou art,” et cetera.

    • Anon,
      You bring up a really good point, some of my older stuff is either shitty, poorly organized or imaged etc. Deleting and cleaning up some of the old posts has been on the to-do list for some time, however, it has been at the bottom of the list.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I’ve gotten to know your blog a week ago and I’ve liberally perused it. Wonderful!
    I’m asking a question that no-one ever managed to answer, regarding a peculiar feature on American suit jackets and sportcoats.
    Here in Italy, you can buy either a coat with working buttonholes on cuffs, either one without. In the latter case, you always find some stitching faking a buttonhole, perpendicular to each button.
    ON the other hand, I often find on BBrothers, Jpress, JosABank and similar brands just two or three buttons sewn in the middle of nothing.
    Why is that like so? Is one supposed to bring his American coat to a tailor to finish his sleeves?
    Regards from Italy

    • Stefano,
      Thank you for the kind words. To be honest, I do not have a concrete answer for you. But I will propose a few possible things. First, in the effort of saving production costs, American brands have not done any stitching around the buttons. Second, in anticipation of men having to alter their sleeves, the brands did not include any stitching around the buttons. When the sleeves need to be shortened/lengthened the distance of the buttons also needs to be changed; if there is stitching in place you cannot change where the buttons sit. So if anything, I prefer sleeves on RTW garments to not have any stitching around the sleeve buttons. But anyway, I will do some asking around to see if I can find out of there is a specific reason.

  6. I have to go to a dinner dance in a couple of hours: 6:30 pm EST. Dark suit or yellow blazer with dark pants?

    • Erskine,
      Sorry I did not get to this soon enough. All depends on the type of dinner dance, the weather and the setting. The yellow blazer sounds interesting and if done well could be a great option for a summer dinner dance. But if a more formal setting, then go w the dark suit.

  7. FYG,
    I am, and have been deeply into fashion for over 15 years, and have the wherewithal to have custom cut suits, custom shirts, and even hand dyed shoes, yet I have ever worn a white suit. That is until next month when I am going to Diner en Blanc in Philly, and I have my suit being finished up right now, and I have a pair of white buck wings that I am wearing, and knowing I cant wear, and wont wear a white belt, I am struggling with what to wear; Black leather, or suede, or brown leather or suede? This dude shall abide by your response.

  8. I’ve been considering a move to made to measure suiting for some time now. I just can’t get the fit I want from off the rack suits. that being said, I’m an old fashioned guy in the sense that I want to sit down with a tailor, look at fabrics, be able to have him or her look at me and help with alterations. being that you are also from philadelphia can you recommend someone in the area?

    • Saul,
      That depends on your budget. If money is not an object you can go to Centofanti in Ardmore, and there are a few other old school suit makers in the area – mostly old Italian guys. For something on the less expensive end; you have Enzo, Henry Davidsen and Commonwealth Proper. To be honest, I can’t really recommend either of the first two, as I have never worked with them and have had trouble reaching them (Enzo) or slightly overpriced (HD). If you don’t mind paying a little extra, I’ve seen HD turn out some nice suits. Commonwealth Proper does nice work, if you can afford $2k suits (they have theirs made at Southwick) I would go there.

      • I was hoping to keep it under $1K. I saw henry davidson says that there white label starts at $770. Enzo seems to have very good pricing although from what I’ve read, they don’t have a real tailor on staff just someone that takes your measurements and sends them to China, their reviews on Yelp are mostly positive so I think I might give them a try. I’ll let you know how it works out

  9. I have a bright, lime green fine wale Lilly Pulitzer blazer. I have worn it to spring events like steeplechases; to a Club I belong to in the NC mountains during the summer. I usually wear it with white pants. Given your recent article, what (or can) I do during the Fall in Charlotte/Charleston?

  10. Hello Mr. Jeffers,
    I’m now living in Los Angeles and I’d appreciate your advice. Please talk about what type of cloth/Suits should be worn during the ‘seasons’. Honestly, everyone is so casual that suits, unless for business, seem out of place. And thus, to me this seems a perfect reason to wear them. But I don’t want to look like a peacock either, is there a casual way to wear a suit where it doesn’t look like one is trying too hard, particularly when no one else is wearing one? BTW, I really appreciate your blog.

    • Rob,
      Thank you for the kind words. Given you are in LA, where I understand is it between 60 and 90 degrees year round and there are pretty much no discernable seasons I would focus on half lined suits in lighter weight wools or suits in linen, fresco or similar. The key is to use fabrics that have a somewhat open weave that allow for air to pass through the fabric more easily too help keep you cooler. Many of these fabrics also add a bit of texture to things. Cotton/wool blends are another solid option as are things with silk or mohair blended in. You can find all of these fabrics in solid colors and most in various stripes, checks and plaids. To not look like a peacock I would advise keeping things simple. One way to do this would be to limit both the number of accessories you wear and tone down attention grabbing items. As always, start by acquiring the basic items – solid navy and gray suits, a few pairs of black and brown lace ups and oxfords, some simple silk knit and grenadine ties and some classic dress shirts. With a few of each of those items you should be able to get through nearly any situation and be able to change up your look enough to look good without drawing too much attention. Oh, also, make sure you get good fitting stuff, let the fit speak for the clothes.

  11. You guys should do something on Jodhpuri suits (or bandhgalas as they’re known) – suits of different cultures. I think some of them look awesome on people from other countries and gives you somethng different to try out

  12. I have a mardis gras ball to attend which is black tie and was wondering if I could wear my black velvet tuxedo jacket instead of my regular jacket.

  13. Hello,

    First, I really appreciate your blog. It’s nice to read about men’s fashion from someone who is knowledgeable and young. I’m 30, and when I read about this stuff, I often find myself thinking: “Well, ok…but I’m not 45 and working in an office.” I’m a high school teacher, and in the last few years, I’ve gotten into the international circuit. Most of my students’ parents are high-ranking business people or diplomatic/UN-types. I think my dress is a little more relevant now, so I’ve been trying to improve my wardrobe bit by bit.

    You reviewed Black Lapel, Dragon Inside, and Knot Standard recently, and based on your interactions, which would you recommend (if at all) for my situation? I’ll be back in the US for about a month this summer, so I could send in my measurements a month or so before I arrive, and then pick it up when I get there. However, I’m worried that if there are any problems with the fit, I wouldn’t be able to get it fixed before I left. Do any of those three strike you as more likely to be able to cater to my situation? Getting stuff shipped to where I live now, while possible, is just a huge pain in the ass and not really worth the hassle. (For what it’s worth, I would never badmouth or harass you with nasty emails and stuff if you suggested one and then I encountered problems with them)

    I know you hate Cole Haan shoes, but their shoes with the Nike soles have been a lifesaver for me. I’ve been eyeing the Meermin Maestro line, but how do you think they would hold up for someone who’s on their feet for 6 or 7 hours each day?

    Finally, could you (or have you) done something where you talk about how to wear blazers? I see people wearing suit jackets/blazers with jeans quite frequently, and is that something that should be avoided?

  14. Justin–

    Love the site. Quick question: As warmer weather approaches, what are some jacket/blazer/suit recommendations for the heat and humidity?

    • Jason,
      Would you mind being more specific? There are a lot of ways to answer that question – I could talk about linings, fabrics, construction, colors etc. But generally speaking you want either a lighter weight fabric or one with a more open weave. Half or unlined jackets are also ideal.

  15. Great reading your blog on the MTM online services. As a student, I’ll be starting with two basic sports jackets.

    I’m very OCD so was wondering who you’d reccomend? Inside Dragon seem very accomodating and being based in the UK, are a better shout as EU based.

    Let me know however. Black Label take a long time to reply which has scared me off a bit but know they’re very popular.

    The same goes for shirts, who would you reccomend? I’ve been spoilt with OTR Jeremyn Street fabrics so would want a high quality non see through fabric to start a wardrobe.

    Really eager to see your response as admire your style, a lot!

    The buttonholes and stitching quality are all key aspects to me, but all look good but wondering if you can advise on specifics.

  16. J,

    Question re: online MTM suits. I’ve bought previous custom suits from Tom James – quality has been good but value not that high given premium price.

    Interested in your opinion on K standard, black lapel, indochino etc. I read
    reviews and my takeaway is k standard > black lapel > indochino. Would you concur?

  17. Hey, I only recently came across this site but it’s but a very enjoyable read so far. I really like the fact that you’re able to stick to the traditions but you’re not afraid to bend or break the rules for the sake of personal style. On this note, I had a question.

    I’m currently a pretty broke student but with a decent quality suit (not tailored but a quality fit no doubt)that I picked up a few years ago. Sadly my dress shoes for them got destroyed. Recently I invested in good ‘all around’ dress shoes by Giorgio 1958 like these, in the same style and color:

    I was wondering if it’s acceptable to rock navy suede dress shoes instead of brown ones. I simply don’t have the money to invest in another pair of quality business dress shoes and I’d rather wear good shoes with a off color than wear shoes that ruin the look with a cheap design.

    Would love to hear your thoughts.
    – Tristan

  18. Looking at MTM suits I came across World of Alfa. I saw very brief mention of them on SF and scattered across the web. Their prices are very low (like M.A.) but they have a pretty cool 3d design tool for visuals while you order. I was just curious if this is a brand you have heard of or tried reviewing.
    Thank you as always

  19. Hi Justin

    I am a proud GranMa and I am sure you have one too as your site is reflects stylish advice and is also wonderful reading.

    I am asking please for some advice on behalf of my wonderful 4 year old grandson, about to be Christened, and has to wear the white pants and vest and white tie ( thankfully found a hand-me-down ) Shoes are a problem. How do we respect the tradition and values of wearing white but also be a little trendy ? and if we have to buy Shirt and Shoes what can we do that he will get wear out of again?

    Thank you.

    • Justin,

      Love the blog, keep up the good work. I am getting married in a year and since she has got the dress, I need to start looking into the tux. I am thinking of going with a midnight blue tux for the occasion. What type/color shoe would be fashionable with a midnight blue tux? What would be appropriate for the groomsmen to wear? Can you recommend any high end tailors in the Philadelphia area? Thanks in advance!

  20. Justin,

    Do your grecian slippers have hard or soft leather soles? I am interested in buying a pair but I am nervous that the soft soles will not hold up if worn outside. Thoughts?


    • Steven,
      They are made with a soft suede sole, they wore out after a few days of wear. But I took them to a local cobbler who put on a soft and flexible rubber sole – which has worked out well. Just break them in first before having the rubber sole put on. Love wearing the slippers.

  21. Justin,
    I think you need to do the men’s fashion industry a favor and publish a European-to-American sizing guide that would be mandatory reading for anyone working in men’s clothing. Almost every high-end store (with very, very few exceptions) still does the conversion incorrectly…they still promulgate the “US size is 10 lower than the European” fallacy. Then, when I try to correct the misinformed salesperson that I am a US50/e64 (or e66 depending on the style), he insists that I’m wrong. I have tried to show them the math (50 x 2.54 / 2 = 63.5), but all I get is blank stares in return.
    Many Thanks!

  22. Justin,

    I have recently stumbled upon your articles regarding dress shoes. I wanted to ask if you had any recommendations for extremely durable but formal shoes. I work in a semi-formal to professional environment and my job requires a great deal of walking. Some of my colleagues wear through 4 pairs of shoes a year.

    I’ve been hesitant to invest a large sum into a pair of shoes seeing as they generally wouldn’t last very long and I am fairly uncertain of how they’ll feel after a few months time. I’d love to find a great shoe that can improve my image while being comfortable and long lasting. A colleague has recommended the Mephisto brand but I’d be interested in hearing your opinions.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Andrew,
      Pretty much any good year welted shoe (or blake stitched) will last a few years, as long as you take care of the shoes. Don’t wear them everyday, keep shoe trees in them, polish them regularly etc – all that extends the life of the shoes. Check Alden, Allen Edmonds, Jack Erwin, Paul Evans, Meermin. Between those you should be able to find something you like.

  23. Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your blog site in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, amazing blog!

    Feel free to surf to my blog post; external links

  24. Good Morning Justin,

    I stumbled across your website a few days ago and have been cruising through it while on vacation. It’s great and I will use this as a reference moving forward.

    I’m in the process of upgrading my wardrobe. My shirt/tie game is on point, but I’m realizing my accessories (belt, pocket squares, socks), shoes, and suits are lacking.

    In terms of suits, I currently have two suits that I got from Men’s Warehouse (yes, I know this may be sacrilege) about a year ago. One black (I had no idea that blacks suits were unfashionable) and one light charcoal. In terms of the best value to cost ratio, where would you suggest going for my next suit purchase? I have always had trouble getting suits to fit correctly because of my frame (5’9″, broad shoulders and chest, short/stocky legs). It looks like Indochino might be my best bet. I’m thinking colors in the following order: navy, dark charcoal, then maybe pinstripe).

    In terms of shoes, I have wide feet which used to be a limiting factor in shoes. Companies have gotten better over the last 5 years though. I have three pairs of dress shoes (one pair of dark brown Ferragamo loafers, one pair of black Clark’s loafers, and one pair of mahogany brown lace up Clarks). I always thought I needed a pair of traditional black oxfords as my next shoe, but what would you suggest as my next shoe purchase? Maybe a pair of light brown derbys or brown wing tips?

    Also, I think you should do a, “building your wardrobe from square one,” post; I imagine people would find that helpful.


    • Andrew,
      That is a lot of material for a comment, how about I will write you and email or make my response into a post. either way, I will get back to you in the next few days. Thanks for reading the blog, glad its been able to give you some entertainment while on vacation.

      • Hey Justin,

        I’m getting ready to make some purchases to update my wardrobe because I have internship interviews coming up. I know you have been busy with the launch of your new brand, but have you had a chance to look at the comments I made back in June?


        • Andrew,
          Sorry for the delay and for not getting back to you, thank you for following up. Admittedly, I’d still like to do the ‘building a wardrobe from square one’ post. Anyway, to you query. It sounds like you are okay with the idea of going custom and maybe even doing so through online vendor like Indochino. If you are in/around nyc your options are countless. Online they are also nearly that. I would look to 4 makers – Black Lapel, Dragon Inside, Indochino and Knot Standard. See who has the fabrics you’d like, you can also check my reviews of each. To get a better idea, but as reference I think have heard the most positive feedback about BL and DI. If you have truly wide feet (like width E, EE), then your options are indeed limited. I believe both Alden and Allen Edmonds offer shoes in wide widths and classic styles, so you may want to start your search there. Outside of them, check out Meermin. If you are interning in a more conservative environment go for some black lace ups, it not super conservative then you should be okay with some brown shoes. I would go for an oxford over derby. I hope this helps, godspeed with your internship.

  25. Hi JJ,

    I have, safely tucked away in my wardrobe, a pearl white Silk Tie along with a matching Pearl White Silk Handkerchief and Pearl White Cufflinks. I got the set as a gift from my sister and her husband on my birthday.

    They look very nice!

    But the problem is, I’m not sure what kind of Suit I should get myself to go with the accessories. I’m not sure about the colour or the material. I live in a hot country by the way, so I definitely need something breathable so I won’t sweat too much and get dehydrated.

    I was thinking of a pearl white jacket (double vented?) with peak lapels and a white shirt. Then maybe white Polo pants to go underneath? Not sure about shoes though….

    Suggestions please? You’re the style master! Thanks in advance.

    Venu K.

  26. Hi, I stumbled across your blog looking for answers to a fashion question 🙂 I have an athletic banquet on the way and recently picked up an all white suit for an insane price of $40 (store was going out of business) but now I am unsure on how to dress it. I am student-athlete so I don’t have alot of dress shoes. I do own a nice pair of brown suede shoes an a decently old pair of black leather shoes. I rather wear the brown shoes since they are newer and more comfy, but I am not sure how to coordinate a good enough outfit with it or if I can wear a the brown shoes at all. Please help lol. If I can wear the shoes, what shirt colors or options in general are open to me?

    • Asante,
      With an all white suit I would keep everything else as plain as possible because the all white suit is so aggressive. Go with a solid light blue shirt and a solid navy tie or something like that.

    • Karan,
      Thank you! I think jeans and a white t would go with those shoes, theres not much that that ensemble wouldn’t go with. Could throw in a crewneck sweater, maybe navy or burgundy. Could also change out jeans for navy or tan chinos. They are pretty simple kicks so you could do a lot with them. Hope this helps.

  27. Hey Justin,

    Picked up on your blog and follow it occasionally along with George Hahn’s.

    I recently had a back and forth with Indochino about their Lapel widths. I think it somewhat ridiculous that a “custom” suiting company is not capable of accommodating lapels of the standard width (3.5″), despite that standard width ties are 3.5″ and they know very well that lapels and ties are supposed to be balanced (their closest offering is 2.75″ lapels – too far off, in my opinion).

    I’ve noticed you caught their higher-ups’ attention after a less than positive post about their suits. Would you consider pointing this out to them as well? For me, their suits are almost satisfactory but for this one big shortcoming, but would love to hear more thoughts from you. Flagging it would be positive for all parties, I think, assuming they had the will to reform this.


  28. I am curious about whether you have any experience or thoughts on Beau by Aksel Paris. I didn’t see a review for it on here, and have had trouble finding anything online other than yelp. Any experience or thoughts?

    • Levi,

      Let me shed some light to this horrendous custom clothing line, regardless of the good experience I had. Which was only due to having my sales associate be a patient of mine, and I have gotten almost everything from him, and have ALWAYS been happy about the outcome except this time around.

      I am one to never slander or “bad mouth” a company, but they are well deserving of this. For starters, in their website they state that “the suit will be delivered in a luxury garment bag, and a BEAU signature suit hanger”, there wasn’t ANYTHING luxurious about by ripped up “garment bag” and definitely no “Signature hanger”. What I did receive however, are a pace of one at a time suit, a week a part, with slashed dashes on the garment bag that is no where near seen or heard of in the industry, and surely nothin spectacular about their so called hanger they probably bought in bulk at Target.

      I haven’t even tried on the suit, and I was already COMPLETELY turned off by the company. Nothing elegant, nothing special, and absolutely nothing Worthy of ever using again.

      The suits did not fit well: they were short in length, the sleeves were crooked by assembly, and the pants were too short. So after consulting with my sales associate patient, I take it to a tailor, and it turns out that the suits (which I paid extra for full canvassing) are not even canvassed. The tailor even cracked a joke saying “where are these made, in China ?!” Which in turn is ironic, because it was. Their website says that they are “Made in NYC with love”. It is certainly not.

      I took it upon myself to see why and how so many people were ravishing about them, and it made sense why most of the good reviews are written by users who have NO other reviews, or just miraculously just signed up.

      I recommend you do business else where, I am not a difficult person to please.

    • Levi,

      I would advise you to find another custom shop, this one is absolutely horrendous.

      For starters, I was brought in my a patient of mine whom I get all of my suits from, and the experience is always great with him, but I can’t say the same about the experience with the company.

      I had purchased 3 suits from him, in which I was promised a delivery Ike of 4-5 weeks, when I received the suits after 7 weeks, not to mention that they came one a time, a week a part.

      The company promises to have them delivered with a luxury garment bag, as well a signature Beau suit hanger, and nothing about what I had received what luxurious, and certainly nothing special of their generic non signature hanger that was probably bought from target.

      The garment bags upon arrival were ripped up with dashes that could have easily ruined the suits. Their packaging alone was absolutely ATROCIOUS. Packaging at dry cleaners are even better than what I have received.

      The jacket was too short, as well as the pants, and the sleeves. After consulting my patient, he refers me to his tailor where he tells
      Me that this is one of the worst suit construction he’s seen, as the sleeves were even sewed on at a wrong angle, leaving the fabric from the arms and sleeves to be creased at ALL times.
      I have gone to their location several times and was in complete disgust of everything surrounding it: the new sales associate was not around for hours, the place was filthy, neglected, and simply left looking like a dump.

      On their website, they say that everything is “Made in NYC with love” which is a lie, because everything is made in China. In addition to what I have encountered, I have not gotten an email or phone call back in regards of the matter: not even an apology for messing up my suits. This shows lack of etiquette, and a clear disregard to their clients and business.

      I would go somewhere else, as I will NEVER say anything good about them, and I fully support start ups, but certainly not in this say, and they simply should not be in business.

  29. Hi there! I was wondering if you ever did a full review on a Buttons ‘n’ Threads suit? I’ve seen your velvet jacket and shirt review, but would be interested to see how their suits hold up. Thanks!

  30. Hi, my name is Fred and I’m going to my high school’s senior prom in about a month. I have a question about what I should wear. One, can I wear suspenders along with a cummerbund? If so, what do you think about this outfit: a black jacket/pants with either a black cummerbund and colored suspenders or a colored cummerbund with black suspenders. Which one would look better? Also, is it too much to also then wear belgian shoes? Thanks a lot.