Hurricane Sandy NYC Photos: Into The Dead Zone, Part II

hurricane sandy brooklyn bridge

For a second night I ventured into the Dead Zone.  I started at the Brooklyn Bridge and moved up past City Hall and into Soho.  The sky was a different story on Thursday night than it was on my adventure Wednesday night.  It was overcast and the lights from midtown and Brooklyn reflected off the clouds to provide an ominous aura.  The most interesting thing I saw were the lights on the bridges.  Half of the Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges were lit.  The Brooklyn side.  Half of the bridges were dark, the Manhattan side.  Fascinating.

But again, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  I think Staten Island will be my next stop.  It seems from what I hear that they got it the worst and have received the least in help.


Justin L Jeffers


PS – if you choose to use these photos for your own purposes, please provide adequate and appropriate link backs and credit to FYGblog.

hurricane sandy brookyln bridge without power

hurricane sandy nyc bridge

hurricane sandy nyc brooklyn bridge arch

hurricane sandy nyc brooklyn bridge arches

hurricane sandy freedom tower

Freedom Tower from the Brookyln Bridge. Standing Strong.

hurricane sandy nyc brookyln bridge span

bk bridge span

brooklyn bridge arches

Hurricane Sandy Empire State Of Mind

Hurricane Sandy Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Bridge. It seems as if half the bridge is powered from Brooklyn and half from Manhattan. The Manhattan side is dark.

Hurricane sandy financial district

Manhattan’s Financial District from Brooklyn Bridge.

empire state building

hurricane sandy brookyln bridge

hurricane sandy Manhattan bridge

hurricane sandy nyc without power

hurricane sandy freedom tower

hurricane sandy nyc frank gehry

Gehry… Frank.

hurricane sandy photos

The not working subway…

hurricane sandy photos nyc city hall

City Hall subway entrance.

hurricane sandy photos nyc

Lafayette & Centre.

hurricane sandy nyc photos city hall

Lafayette & Centre.

hurricane sandy nypd

The boys in blue on patrol. Kenmare & Mulberry.

hurricane sandy nyc bars

By candlelight. Kenmare & Mulberry

hurricane sandy nyc

Kenmare & Mulberry.

hurricane sandy empire state building

An Empire State of mind. Looking north from Kenmare & Mulberry.


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