Paul Stuart: Mad For Plaid

mad for plaid lawrence schlossman

Last night the good people at Paul Stuart hosted an event to commemorate their Mad For Plaid window window displays which herald in the fall and winter seasons.  Now, we all know that Paul Stuart has the best window displays on Madison Ave (as well as being my favorite American menswear store).  J. Press will have some good ones, but Brooks Brothers just hasn’t been cutting it lately; in a few departments…  Well, anyway, Paul Stuart brought in 6 bloggers/writers (Lawrence Schlossman, John Tinseth, Stephen Pulvirent, Nick Sullivan, Tasha Green and Mordechai Rubenstein (aka Mister Mort)) to dress some of their windows.  The results are quite aesthetically pleasing.  Scan the photos above and below and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.  My favorite looks are the above offering from Lawrence and the third below from Stephen.  Sadly, I did not take any pictures during the event.  The crowd was perhaps the best dressed group of men I have been amongst.  If you are looking for further intel on the looks and the people behind them may I recommend taking a look at the videos Paul Stuart put up about each of the writers, or better yet, stop by Paul Stuart for yourself.  Many thanks to Paul Stuart for the hospitality and a great night all around.

Enjoy Liberally,

Justin L Jeffers

paul stuart mad for plaid

paul stuart mad for plaid


Paul Stuart: Mad For Plaid — 4 Comments

  1. Great New York menswear store. Classic but interesting patterns on fabrics. Not afraid to use strong colours. Does classic with a twist better than Paul Smith in my opinion. Rust red wool paisley scarf , rusty colored suede Chelsea boots, dark mauve shirt with French cuffs , dark purple silk tie with green spots and red paisley pocket square purchased last year are some of the favorite items in my wardrobe. Only limitation of funds and luggage space stopped me from serious wallet depletion in the Paul Stuart store. Saw at least 15-20 other items that I could have bought if money was no object. Not too many menswear stores that I could say that about!

  2. One of my favorite NY establishments. Always classic and stylish with a nice Paul Stuart twist. Bold patterns and colors, job well done by everyone involved.

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