The Jack Erwin Shoe Review

jack erwin shoe review

One of the my favorite parts of this whole men’s style blogging/reporting thing is that I get to see brands grow.  Most of the time I learn of a brand it is soon after its launch, or soon after it starts growing.  But every so often, I will start following a brand before it launches.  In the case of Jack Erwin, I started following them when they were in the fundraising stage.  After hearing their pitch and brand concept I was rather excited.  With their affordably priced shoes they presented a simple solution to a persistent problem in #menswear: aesthetically … Continue reading

Things I Wear: To Brunch

what to wear to brunch

I love brunch.  To not would possibly be unamerican and unmanly.  But that is not why I love it.  I love it because the company is almost always good and the food should be enough to put you into a coma for the remainder of the day, if you so choose to eat in such a manner. Save the playful but mysterious little dishes for dinner; brunch is where we go to gorge.  Brunch is where metabolisms goes to die. However, there is one thing I hate about brunch, and that one thing is why I rarely indulge; the wait.  … Continue reading

Reader Question: What Color Shoes To Wear To A Nightclub?

what color shoes to wear to a nightclub

Admittedly, I do not talk enough about what to wear to a given type of event or a given place.  Perhaps I will start doing more of it.  But for now, I recently received an inquiry from a reader which in short asked what color shoes to wear to a nightclub.  Below you will find the question and my full answer.  If you have questions you would like answered feel free to email me at or post a query on my Tumblr. -JLJ   Question: Dear Justin, I discovered your blog today, and I am truly enjoying the read. … Continue reading

FYGblog Via Cool Material: Wear This

cool material

A few moths ago I was asked by the gents at Cool Material to do a piece for their ‘Wear This’ segment, in which they have a blogger, editor or other style guy to put together a few items for a solid seasonal ensemble.  I obliged, naturally, and came up with what I think to be a pretty solid look that should last through the fall and winter months.  It was a fun little project and something a little different than what I normally do.  Which proved to be a nice change of pace, perhaps I will start doing more … Continue reading

Celebrity Style Gone Wrong: Niello & Nilzmoke


Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a good friend from Sweden.  With him he brought a few fellow Swedes who I am now also pleased to now call my friends.  The purpose of their trip was to shoot a music video for one of the guys, Niello, who is a Swedish rapper (if you are interested, he has a few other singles out; Legenden and Svett). I know what your thinking, and no, I didn’t know that Sweden had rappers either.  But I know how some of you #menswear nerds have a thing for hip-hop so … Continue reading

How To Pack A Suit Via Business Insider

how to pack a suit

Last week I wrote another piece for Business Insider titled How To Pack A Suit.  Which for the full version you can go there (it also includes tips to pack shoes, belts, ties and pocket squares), or read on for an abridged version. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure and you have to pack a suit or jacket there are wrong ways, right ways and better ways to do it.  The idea is to pack you suit in a way that takes up the least amount of space while limiting the amount of creasing and wrinkling in the … Continue reading

Online MTM Is Going Seasonal, Finally…

indochino gray plaid

For at least the past year or so I have been urging the made to measure and custom suit companies that I deal with to offer more seasonal fabrics; linens, flannels, tweeds and the like.  During that time some of them have offered a few fabrics here and there; Indochino having by far the widest variety. But now I can gladly say that nearly all of them have some form of fall/winter specific fabrics on hand, something I hope continues for all seasons going forward.  We are all better off for it.  Season specific fabrics are one of the best … Continue reading

From Black To Burgundy

how to change the color of shoe soles

Admittedly, I realize that this post will appeal to an alarmingly small number of you that will read this (the .1% perhaps).  But to my knowledge there are not any other bloggers (and perhaps even shoe makers/repairers) talking about this on this internetwebthingy so I figure I might as well.  Anyway, today were going to change the soles of a pair of shoes from black to burgundy.  If you remember, a few months back I wrote on darkening a sole from tan to dark brown (which I have since changed to navy blue to match the upper), which is an … Continue reading

5 Fall Pick Ups For Less Than $50

brown and orange dapper classics socks

I realize that sometimes the things I speak of are too expensive for some people.  Or perhaps some of you are tired about hearing about made to measure suits (but don’t worry, I’m not tired of talking about them) and the shoes that go with them.  So I thought it’d be nice to put together a short list of 5 things that could help all of you get through the fall (and even winter) season in warmer and more stylish way. 1. Dapper Classics’ wool socks ($24.00) – Although at home year round, I find that wool socks are even … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Cocktails At The Barnes

young professional night at the barnes

The Main Line was lucky to have The Barnes, and it is rather unfortunate that it does not still.  But Philadelphia is even luckier to have it; and many would argue that it should not have it.  I’ll put my views aside for now and say that how it is not is how it is going to be, at least as far ahead as any of us can see.  And Philadelphia, as a city, is better off for it.  Some would argue that the art loving world is also better off for it. But one fact is un-debatable, that the … Continue reading