Las Vegas MRket August 2013 (S/S 2014)

mrket las vegas

Parting with the norm of the last few seasons I did not make it to MRket in New York, however, I was fortunate enough to make it to the Las Vegas version, which I had not been to previously.  The feel was much the same and there were some of the same brands as New York, which was nice.  However, there were also some brands that I had never seen show or never heard of before.  And I always like finding new brands I like.  Anyway, here’s a recap of some new stuff that caught my attention, in particular brands … Continue reading

The Tie In The Pocket Stuff

tie in pocket

I am a realist.  Sort of.  At least far enough to admit that most men do not and likely will not wear a pocket square.  But they should.  I also realize that some men have a propensity to remove their ties after a day’s work; often for the commute home or some post-work drinking function.  But the ride home the morning after is to me the most respectable time to remove one’s tie; well actually it’d be more just not putting it back on.  At least then you’ve earned something; everyone worked a full day just like you, but not … Continue reading

Use A Shoehorn…

use a shoe horn

Taking care of your shoes is one of the easiest and important things you need to do in the realm of wardrobe upkeep.  Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to care for your shoes is use a shoe horn to slip your foot into  your shoe; whether a lace up or slip on. Over time the back of the shoe (the counter) will break down which will in turn adversely effect the look of the entire shoe; as well as the lifespan of the shoe.  As is the case with the shoes pictured above and below. This is a … Continue reading

A Personal Uniform For Summer

karl lagerfeld

From time to time the subject of uniform comes up in men’s style.  The two most notable examples that come to my mind are Karl Lagerfeld (who wears only black with a white shirt) and Tom Wolfe (who wears only white suits).  There are others who take it a step further and wear the same outfit everyday.  While each man may have his own reasons, the end result is the same. I find it hard to debate the utility of choosing a personal uniform.  It creates a stable and familiar image to the outside world.  A brand of sorts.  And … Continue reading

A Case For Thrifting

brown suede bit loafers

I don’t thrift often, but when I do the return on my investment of time and money is often relatively high.  Sometimes I will go out for a day and hit a bunch of thrift stores whereas other times I will simply stumble upon one and stop in.  I rarely will not go into a thrift store when I pass one, you never know what you’ll find and if you have never been there before it is a good idea to scope the place out for future visits (if possible). To keep expectations reasonable I should say I don’t think … Continue reading

What Should A Man Wear To Church?

what should a man wear to church

Recently a reader posted a question on my Soiree post asking what would be appropriate to wear to church/mass on Nantucket.  Admittedly, this is not something that I have ever thought about before, as I have never gone to church on Nantucket (even though I do call it the Promised Land).  And when I go to church off island there is never really any question as to what to wear.  A jacket is a must and a tie is preferable; the rest falls in line from there. So, think I did on this for a brief moment and the answer … Continue reading

Reader Questions: How To Restart A Wardrobe

Question: Dear Justin,  I have been following your blog for the past half year and have enjoyed reading through your entries. What I would like to ask of you is if you could help me with some ideas on how to develop a wardrobe.    Currently I have the pleasure of residing in what is called the fashion capital of central europe, Prague, and so I have access to many resources regarding fashion. I am a student, but it being Prague as well as Europe it is expected to dress up if you are going out. Be to a dinner, … Continue reading

Frank Clegg Leatherworks Workshop Visit

frank clegg leatherworks

About a month ago I had the good fortune of visiting Frank Clegg Leatherworks.  Which to my mind makes some of, if not the, finest and most tasteful leathergoods in America. Frank’s journey started a few decades ago when his then girlfriend (now wife) bought him some leather working tools and he started making some stuff.  He thought he’d try it for 6 months or so and while on a leather sourcing trip to Boston he met a couple who contracted him to make some bags.  That was 1974.  Frank did business with that couple for over 30 years. Over … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Off To The Summer Soiree

summer soiree

The Summer Soiree yet again delivered one of the best nights of my summer.  Something about the combination of Nantucket, girls with pearls, pastels and the Chicken Box is nearly flawless.  Anyway, I don’t really know what requested dress code is, not sure anyone does.  But at an event like this is doesn’t really matter because both guys and gals in these parts just know how to dress for such an event. First and foremost I needed to wear something that I could dance in so linen and shorts were ideal.  Second, I wanted something summery and simple with some … Continue reading

Mens Style At The 2013 ESPYS


Last night was the 2013 ESPYS, I guess it is a big night if your a big sports fan.  But I am not (I prefer to play, rather than spectate).  I did, however, manage to catch a few minutes of the red carpet while posted up at Ventuno (it doesn’t seem right they have TVs back there, for the record) and sat largely aghast at much of what I saw the men wearing.  Thankfully, there was some taste in the mix, mostly on the aggressive side.  But it was good to see some famous people wearing some decent ensembles.  There … Continue reading