In Support Of Excess

Over the past few days I have been corresponding on Tumblr with the guy behind Mom Dressed Me This Morning as a follow up to his offer to sell a grenadine tie from E.G. Cappelli on eBay, which at the current price is a great deal if you are in the market.  In short, the point of my response was why sell such a useful tie, as I am fully confident in my belief that a man can never have too many ties, pocket squares, suspenders and socks.  At least ones that are are practical as MDMTM’s grenadine or ones … Continue reading

My Thoughts On Suitsupply, Finally…

suitsupply suits

I have perhaps received as many inquiries on Suitsupply as I have on any number of the made to measure brands I have discussed, and not discussed.  The question is oft worded like this “[in regard to my recommendation to go made to measure] Okay, but what about Suitsupply?”  A simple enough question.  So I try to keep my answer equally as simple.  My response is often something like this, “I full heartedly recommend going made to measure, whether at Suitsupply or elsewhere.  I am not familiar with Suitsupply’s made to measure operation, however, based off of their off the … Continue reading

MRket Menswear Show NYC, Jan 2013

This seasons MRket show in NYC was another strong showing from some great brands.  Brands were showing their goods for fall/winter 2014.  As was the case last June there was a great installation from the gents at Brooklyn Dry Goods (photos above) to greet the attendees.  This time round they choose prohibition as the theme, and executed it exceedingly well.  Michael Macko’s picks were also on display, like last time.  There were many of the same brands from the show last June, but also some new one’s.  Most notably in the Vanguards section which includes brands like Rotenier, Armstrong & … Continue reading

A Few Things Off To eBay

  In my efforts to slim down my wardrobe whilst at the same time make space for new acquisitions I have come across a few things that I plan to part with.  As it seems is the norm for instances like this these days I have posted my items to eBay.  The first is a pair of Oakley Old Glory Frogskins (bidding starts at $290), which I have an extra pair of and they are pretty much the most American sunglasses I have ever seen.  Second, is a pair of black wingtips from Alden in size 10 (bidding starts at … Continue reading

Questions From The Readers: On Wearing Patterns

Question: …So, as background for my real question, I have built a base of quality suits in conservative colors – navy and grey – and I am reviewing the fit of my shirts to bring those in line with the tailored look of my suits.  My real question now though is pattern.  How do you mix or combine patterns?  Suit, shirt, tie?  It’s all a little confusing and overwhelming to me.  I grew up thinking you didn’t mix patterns on suits and shirts and any sort of a pattern on a tie meant a plain white or blue shirt.  As … Continue reading

Austen Heller Shoe Review

Austen Heller Driving Loafer

I seem to have chronic difficulty finding reasonably priced casual shoes.  There are nice looking options, but they are $300-400; but nothing that aesthetically pleasing in the $150-200 range.  As a result, I find myself wearing Top Siders almost exclusively. Enter Austen Heller.  A company that is only a few months old but is showing some promise.  The company is based here in the States but has its production in Portugal, which to my knowledge has a decently well established shoe production industry. Austen Heller came out with a line up of 10 shoes.  All of them are loafers, some … Continue reading

Friends Of FYGblog

JFitzpatrick shoes - green wholecut

Behind FYGblog is a person, as is the case with all blogs.  And through the growth and travels of the blog and other of life’s adventures I have come across many a good friend and many an interesting venture.  It seems that all at once three of these ventures are coming to fruition and I would feel remiss not giving my friends due credit for their efforts and a thanks for the guidance and friendship they have showed me over the years.  And also in the hopes that you, my readers will find some benefit. The first such ventures is … Continue reading

Newcomers: American Trench

American Trench

I have oft relished in my love for Philadelphia and The Main Line.  And now that I am spending much of my time back here I have been keeping an eye out for brands and stores that are based here.  One of which is American Trench, which was brought to my attention by Jake over at Modern Fellows. A few years back the gents at American Trench, David Neill and Jacob Hurwitz, set out to create a Made In America trench coat.  And they have succeeded.  The company is based outside of Philadelphia in Wynnewood, which is only a few … Continue reading

Obama’s Tuxedo Folly

“Let me begin by saying, you all dress up pretty nice.”  Was how Mr. Obama opened up his speech at the Inaugural Ball.  Kind words, no doubt.  But sad that they do not apply the the man speaking them.  Especially since said man is the President of our great country.  Even the Vice President got the memo and absolutely killed the tux game, in the best of ways that is.  So let’s break down Mr. Obama’s great folly… In short, he suffers from many of the same ailments that our celebrities do (refer here for my most recent breakdown of … Continue reading

Passaggio Cravatte Tie Review

passagio cravatte tie

I have in the past referred to Vesper Lynd’s statement that ‘there are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets’ in Casino Royale.  The latter being something worthy of admiration and recognition.  Well, Passaggio Cravatte is one of the tie makers that make ties and not ties.  In fact, the nicest tie that I, and probably any man in my family, has ever owned (with Louis Walton and Arnys ties not far behind).  A bold statement, you might think.  And as a logical question you might ask, what makes the Passaggio Cravatte tie so nice? The answer is can … Continue reading