Announcing My Brand, Jay Butler

jay butler tan penny loafer jeep

Dear Readers, A little over a year and a half ago I announced that I had left my job as an accountant to start a shoe brand, thank you to those of you who have given me your support since then.  I hope that all of you will continue to support me by continuing to read the The Fine Young Gentleman as well as patronize my brand, Jay Butler.  Although I have mentioned the brand a few times in passing I have remained relatively quiet about things.  However, I feel that it is now time to more formally announce Jay … Continue reading

Trends For The Fall/Winter 2014/15 Season

mens fur collared jacket

Whether you follow (or even care about) trends or not is up to you.  Perhaps you find them silly and useless or perhaps you follow them with the utmost allegiance.  If you are of the former camp then I suppose you should stop reading.  If you are anywhere but that then you may find it of interest to read on for some of the trends that I’ve caught onto for the coming season.  As you may have guessed, I have a few thoughts about each of the trends, I’ll try to be positive about them.  Anyway, if you are like … Continue reading

How To Pick Up Chicks In A Tux

how to pick up chicks in a tux

About a month ago I semi-jokingly said on Instagram that on the blog was a post on how to pick up chicks in a tux.  Upon thinking about it, it was actually the perfect subject for a post.   When it comes down to it, one of the reasons men who dress well choose to do so is to attract the opposite sex.  For some it may be their primary motivator, for others, a secondary.  A collection of life experiences leave me to believe that women do the same to attract males.  Anyway, I’m feeling jestful today so let’s begin.   … Continue reading

New Rule: Rules 50 & 51

dont wear sunglasses in conversation

It has been while since I have made any additions to the ‘Rules of Men’s Dress’ list, although truth be told, there are many to add.  But this summer and all of the sun and sunglasses that come with it has had me thinking a lot about a few things.  Namely, sunglasses etiquette.  And thus, we have two new rules to add to the list. 50.  Thou shall take off his sunglasses when talking to someone else who is not wearing sunglasses.  Unless thou is at the beach or pool. 51.  Thou shall take off his sunglasses when inside.  Even … Continue reading

The Man Cape: Can It Be Done?

how to wear a man cape

Man capes?  Yeah, so maybe I’m off the deep end on this one.  I’m okay with that. Before I attempt to wax poetic let’s first cover a bit of backstory.  I was on Nantucket a few weeks ago and amongst other activities decided to do some photo shoots for the upcoming Jay Butler launch with the good people (or at least their products) from One Orange, Hudson Sutler, Heath Paine and Ellsworth & Ivey.  I couldn’t resist trying on a few of Ellsworth & Ivey’s capes, as I have been curious about experimenting with one for a while.  Only one … Continue reading

How To Dress For A Music Festival (But Not For Real Life)

2014-08-01 08.10.12

Some of my friends are all about the music fest stuff.  It’s not totally my scene, as you can imagine.  You know, that whole dirty tie dye hippie smoking pot and blowing lines in public scene isn’t really for me.  But a friends band was playing Peach Fest last Friday so I wanted to go support them, I am glad I went.  My friends had a great set and I got some great material for the blog.  My eyes may be scarred for life from some of what I saw, the fact that some people would go in public like … Continue reading

Mohan’s Custom Tailors Suit Review

mohans nyc custom tuxedo

I have long been curious about some of the NYC based custom suit shops. The ones that have been around for years; before this whole online made to measure revolution. Stores like LS, Mr. Neds (that review will be finished eventually…), Bhambi’s and Mohan’s. I had the good fortunate of receiving an email from some of Mohan’s Custom Tailors (also known as Mohan’s NYC and Mohan’s) associates a few months ago asking if I would be interested in meeting with the shop and possibly doing a review on them. I eagerly obliged. In a few weeks time I made my … Continue reading

Don’t Trust The Man In The Suit

zero to one book

A few days ago a rather interesting article regarding men’s dress was published on the Economist titled Suitable Disruption.  The article discusses a policy that early Facebook and Napster investor Peter Thiel has which is to not invest in anyone who wear a suit to a pitch meeting.  The theory is discussed in more detail in his forthcoming book Zero To One.  This is not the first time I have heard talk like this.  Crazy, right? Fortunately, for those of us who enjoy wearing suits Mr. Thiel was referring to the tech world.  Not the entire world.  He notes, “Never … Continue reading

The Best $150 I’ve Ever Spent? The Z-Rack

z rack hanger

A few months back (one of those times I didn’t post for a while) I moved from the suburbs to city.  Partially as a result my clothing storage space became less than what it had previously been.  Which for someone who is as clothing obsessed as me this posed a significant problem.  I wrestled with the problem for a few weeks, unable to find something that was sturdy enough yet with enough capacity.  Which was about 10′ of hung clothing.  I also had a variety of bags and other items that I needed to find a home for. I looked … Continue reading

Wierd Al Yankovic Takes On Fashion


Weird Al Yankovic has yet again returned with his unrivaled blend of musical parody and satire.  Much to the delight of this blog he decides to take on a few fashion trends and men’s style issues head on.  Which is rather interesting considering historically speaking his personal style has gravitated towards the more horrifying side of things.  But anyway, that is neither here nor there.  What is important is that he puts down Crocs, Uggs and Ed Hardy.  Most importantly, he makes it clear that wearing suspenders with a belt is also ‘tacky’.  He then throws in a few other … Continue reading