MRket: Armstrong & Wilson

Okay, so perhaps I am a bit biased when it comes to Armstrong & Wilson.  After all, they hail from Philadelphia and I from that great city’s suburbs.  But, bias aside, these jawns are some bad ass pocket squares.  Micheal Macko thought well enough of them to incorporate them into the Vanguards collection, which was a collection of 12 up and coming menswear designers featured at MRket.  They forego the oft heralded hand rolled and stitched edges in favor of machine stitched and colored edges that tie into the color schemes of the buttons and fabric used.  Just recently the … Continue reading

MRket: The State Traditions Preppy Style

Do you love your state?  Maybe you do, but probably not as much as these Alabama gentlemen love Alabama.  State Traditions is another brand that I encountered for the first time at MRket, and I’m glad I did encounter them.  The gear is unquestionably preppy, with a heavy bent on all things southern (as we all know us northerners don’t seem to take as much pride in our states as our southern compatriots).  Anyway, the concept is simple and concise, like many good things.  Polo shirts, visors, ties (check the State Traditions/Southern Proper collaboration bowtie below), t-shirts, belts and the … Continue reading

MRket: Shwood Sunglasses

shwood sunglasses 3

Wooden sunglasses?  yup.  They have existed at the upper echelon of the sunglasses price range for some time but Shwood is the first company (that I know of) that has made them at a price point that the 99% can afford ($140-224).  Shwood was part of the 12 brand ‘Vanguard’ collection curated by Michael Macko at MRket.  the idea behind the Vanguard collection was to highlight some novel and up and coming menswear brands.  Anyway, the wood and texture that comes as a result of the wood is certainly beautiful.  However, I’d recommend trying them on before buying, as they … Continue reading

MRket: TM Stock Ties

tm stock 6 fold tie

TM Stock ties are the brainchildren of Todd Stock (thus the semi eponymous name for the brand) and one of the most recently founded brands at MRket.  Mr. Stock and I were able to speak for a few minutes which allowed me to get an idea of the brand, for I had never heard of it before.  And information on the brand is slim to none on the web.  So, here’s the good word.  Todd has loved ties since his Bar Mitzvah when he decided he was a fan of the look and feel of wearing one.  After a few … Continue reading

MRket: The Bills Khakis Preppy Style

bills khakis pants

I have previously spoken on my love of Bills Khakis (and yes, they really are that good) so as you would imagine I spent a good amount of time perusing the Bills Khakis outpost at MRket.  And if you feel similarly to who I do about Bills you should be excited for when their spring/summer 2013 gear hits retailers.  The madras on hand was strong; however, the rasberry and pink shirt was the first item to really catch my attention (even though it is a RTW shirt).  Bills is based in Reading, PA (which is not too far from the … Continue reading

MRket: The Smathers & Branson Preppy Style

smathers and branson needlepoint flask

Smathers & Branson is the go-to brand for needlepoint belts for preps.  The collection the brand brought to MRket was the largest assortment I have seen in a single location, very visually appealing.  Historically, they have produced (and still do) the best needlepoint belts available for retail.  It goes without saying that the designs they come up with are spot on.  Over the past few years they have been constantly expanding their line to include key fobs, flasks, wallets, cufflinks, hats, pillows and most recently tote bags.  Given my enthusiasm for tote bags (whether used by man or woman) I … Continue reading

MRket: The Vineyard Vines Preppy Style

To my surprise (and delight) there was a section of MRket that is ruled by preppy brands; Vineyard Vines, Smathers & Branson, Southern Tide, Castaway, Southern Proper etc.  Given my roots in things of that sort I thought it a logical place to start.  I will say Vineyard Vines was laying down some solid game at the show.  In particular their Kentucky Derby collection.  The gingham seersucker pants with embroidered horseshoes were perhaps my favorite item; the ties from the same collection a close second. The rest of the VV stand was filled to the brim with all things pastel … Continue reading

Subscriptions Are Back!

Since I changed formats a few months back I have gotten numerous requests to bring the email subscriptions back.  And finally, it has been done.  Please see the subscription form below.  By submitting your email address you will receive an email notification asking you to confirm your subscription and then you will receive an email anytime a new post is released.  And please rest assured, your email address will not be given to any outside parties.  I have also added a subscription page for easy access to the subscription feature in the future.   [subscribe2]   Lastly, there are still … Continue reading

Loafers. Pennies & Pounds.

As I was perusing the shops and galleries of the Promised Land yesterday I couldn’t help but take notice when I saw this gent’s shoes.  Although not all that uncommon for one to put coins in their strapped loafers (also referred to as penny loafers), US pennies are the most common choice and extra points if they are from your year of birth.  But I have rarely (perhaps never) seen two different coins used.  On the right foot, a British pound and on the left a Canadian penny.  Just another take on things and for what it’s worth; I like … Continue reading

Nantucket Style Via Nantucket BlACKbook

When I was up on Nantucket a few weeks ago I met the girl behind the nantucket blACK book, in fact it was at the much underrated Nantucket Library.  Anyway the obvious topics of conversation were blogging, Nantucket and style.  Naturally, I had a few things to say about style on Nantucket so we thought it would be best to have me share a few of my thoughts for the blACKbook.  I keep things concise and a bit snarky.  And as always, honest.  Anyway, check out the read here. Enjoy Liberally, Justin L Jeffers … Continue reading