Things I Wear, XI

Business casual, simple enough, right?  Well, sometimes.  Anyway, it was nearly 60 degrees in NYC yesterday so I decided a bit of spring flare was vital to my day’s success.  Which led way to light brown wingtips and a strong pink striped dress shirt.  And I know what your thinking, Kirkland Signature?  It’s the Costco house brand.  Well, they are actually quality pants and a great deal.  I’ll speak more on this in the near future though. Cheers, Justin … Continue reading

On Matching With One’s Turban…

Okay, so, to be honest, I have never thought about this predicament.  That is, when wearing a turban what is the proper etiquette for matching it with the rest of one’s ensemble, if even at all.  I guess if prompted to match it with anything I would say it would be best to match it to another accessory such a one’s socks, tie or pocket square.  But then I also know nothing about the customs behind the different colors of turbans so I do not want to surmise anything and consequently step on any toes.  A friend of mine referred … Continue reading

Questions From The Readers, II

Question: Currently, I’m a junior in college and am preparing to begin my summer internship, which will require me to wear a suit to the office. Consequently, I am in the market for 2-3 new suits for this summer and I would love to get your opinion. I know that you now prefer to purchase custom-made suits, but as of now, it appears as though I will be unable to purchase roughly 3 bespoke suits. I’m planning on purchasing my suits from Brooks Brothers and I was hoping to get your feedback on the style, colors, and other subtleties that you would … Continue reading

An Ode To My Favorite Polo Shirt

A few years back Lilly Pulitzer brought these badass long sleeve polos to the market.  The mens line was prematurely cut short, much to my dismay (maybe they’ll try again, third times a charm, right?).  I voiced my grievances to the powers that be at the legendary prep powerhouse but it was to no avail.  Luckily I acquired a sizeable stash of pocket squares, jackets, bathing suits and polo shirts before things came to an end.  Among my favorite pieces from the few seasons the collection lasted were these long sleeve polo shirts.  What sets them apart are their barrel … Continue reading

The Line Is Being Blurred, pt III

As part of a continuing series of posts I am doing on what I like to call ‘Blurring The Line’ between editorial, advertorial and just plain advertisement that I believe may be occurring with some blogs I would like to note that a fellow menswear blogger, Gentleman’s Gazette, has decided to add his word on the subject.  Gentleman’s Gazette is a solid blog and this only adds to its credibility in my eyes.  Well done. Keep up the good fight, Justin … Continue reading

Brands To Watch: Cravatta Pelliano

Cravatta Pelliano, ever heard of the brand?  If not, I’m not surprised.  The company is new, only a few months old.  But I suspect it will be around for some time.  The company specializes in ties, damn well designed ones.  They are designed in the Netherlands and produced in Italy.  Weird combination, right?  Anyway, the quality is top shelf, but for the price, it should be (the tie pictured was roughly $185).  I purchased the pictured tie a few weeks back.  It is one of the most badass ties I have ever seen.  There was never a question of whether … Continue reading

People Watching In New Orleans, Pt I

Dear New Orleans, Upon graduating college in May of 2010 I spent five weeks driving all over The United States.  It was an experience I will never forget.  In fact, I can’t really think of many things I would trade it for.  People need to spend more time traveling our country, it’s a shame really, with all of this focus put on studying abroad (which I did that too and am not bashing it, it was also a great experience) when there’s so much here in America to see.  You don’t need to cross national borders or explore different continents … Continue reading

Banksy & Street Style Photography

You know, I think it was shortly after Banksy, the now famous English graffiti artist, started to make a name for himself that street style photography started doing the same for itself.  Given, Bill Cunningham has been doing street style for decades but the new breed of street photographers took things to a new level, much like Banksy did for graffiti. Now, all other things equal (ie. ceteris paribus), I want to focus on the timing of these two things.  They did not happen over night, but instead over time.  Banksy came first, he started making a name for himself … Continue reading