Lax Pinnie Friday

lax pennie friday

My life is riddled with guilty pleasures.  I have found that my life functions a bit more smoothly with them, rather than without them.  A while back I shared about my secret love for the Supreme 5 panel hat.  Today I would like to opine on the supremacy of the lax pinnie.  Of course, there are numerous other guilty pleasures, they can either be discussed later on or have no place on this blog. So what is it about lax pinnies that make them both acceptable for wear in public as well as superior to any other form of dress.  … Continue reading

Wearing America: The 4th of July Shopping List

chubbies troop salute

Nothing says exceptional like America. And through years of historical precedent nothing saying you love your country by decking yourself out in all assortments of red, white and blue.  There is, of course, the option of wearing the colors on different items of clothing (think navy blazer, white shirt and red tie).  And then there is the option of wearing threads that were specifically created to remind the rest of the world just how exceptional America is.  Which in the unfortunate case you forgot about that small scientific fact, I ask that you take a few minutes to listen to … Continue reading

The Ed Et Al Shoe Review

ed et al shoe review

There are some brands that I follow the progress of for months and sometimes even years.  From time to time fortune smiles upon me and one of these brands will decide they would like me to review their products.  Such is the story with Ed Et Al, the young shoe brand from Singapore. Singapore?  You may ask.  Yes, Singapore.  Not only is the brand based there but the shoes are also made there in Ed Et Al’s own workshop.  At first thought it sounds like a pretty random place for a dress shoe brand to be based.  But in actuality … Continue reading

The Elegance of The V Neck Shirt

how to wear a v neck shirt

The Dude abides.  No further justification is really needed than that. Many of you will likely be surprised to hear that I wear v-neck t-shirts quite often.  Although I talk about tailored wear most of the time here on The Fine Young Gentleman, I wear suits less than half of the time.  But I chose to write about them most of the time.  That said, I still rarely leave the house in anything less than a collared shirt, but when I do chances are pretty good it is my ambulance company’s shirt or a v-neck.  Why the v-neck?  Well, The … Continue reading

The Indochino Suit Review, 3.0

indochino custom suit review

As some of you long time readers may know, I have had a bit of a checkered past with Indochino.  I had mixed results with the first two suits I ordered from them.  Although the second better than the first, it was still not up to par, not to mention, many people I had sent to Indochino had less than favorable experiences.  However, through all of that the company and I kept in touch and I gave them what feedback I could in an effort to help them better their practices.  In fact, at one point Indochino’s CEO Kyle Vucko … Continue reading


Readers, I apologize for being m.i.a. for over a week without notice. It was not completely planned, but necessary. As I have shared in the past, I am starting a men’s shoe and leather goods company. I am currently down in Mexico working on sourcing and development, which has been great. However, time intensive and the internet less than kind to WordPress and blogging. Which leaves me sitting on a bench outside my hotel writing this post on my iphone (I don’t want to know what the data roaming charges will be for this). Things should get back to normal … Continue reading

Prepping For Summer

j crew blue seersucker pants

Right now is that few week lull in between spring and summer here in Philadelphia.  The temperature ranges between 60 and 80 and the humidity has not reached claustrophobic levels yet.  Perfect weather for golf, napping, runs along the Schuylkill or really anything.  But this prelude to summer is in fact just that, a prelude.  High temps and high levels of humidity are staring us down; then wearing a suit will be like being in a straight jacket and the idea will be to wear as little clothing as possible. On many days I simply wear two items of clothing, … Continue reading

The Buttons ‘n’ Threads Custom Shirt Review

buttons n threads custom shirts

Previously, I shared how Buttons ‘n’ Threads exceeded my expectations with the velvet jacket they made for me.  Subsequent to that review Yashas asked me to review one of their dress shirts.  Obviously, I obliged.  But to be honest, I did not expect much. Historically, I have found that online suit brands who may make good suits typically do not also make good shirts.  I will not bore you with my suspicions as to why this is the case; it is just my observation and experience.  An observation (and consequently a set of expectations) that Buttons ‘n’ Threads proves to … Continue reading

Helping Dad Dress Better


With increasing frequency I receive questions from friends, family and readers on various matters of men’s dress.  Recently, I received a rather interesting one from a reader who is trying to help his father revamp his wardrobe after a serious weight loss.  I think this is the first question along these lines so I think it could be nice to share the exchange.  Although, to be honest, whether is be dad or son revamping his wardrobe I think the process is about the same.  Figure out what your inspiration is, what works for you and where you can get it … Continue reading

The J. Fitzpatrick Shoe Review

j fitzpatrick wedgewood boots

Justin Fitzpatrick’s story is a rather unlikely one.  Some could argue a bit absurd and or drawn out; but that would be a significant disservice to Justin.  As he years ago set out to do one thing and everything he has done since setting that goal has been about reaching his goal and fulfilling his dream, which was to start his own shoe brand.  Fortunately, after a few years of research, planning and working in the industry Justin launched his own brand, J. Fitzpatrick Footwear, in March of 2013. The steps he took between setting the goal and achieving it … Continue reading