Boardwalk Empire: Episode 6

This weeks episode was perhaps the most emotionally intense and gory yet.  Part of me loved it and part of me hated it.  The short of it is that everything seems to be coming to a climax.  I was almost too immersed in the plot this episode to catch a lot of the style in it, but, I would like to note a few things. First, Nucky’s grey flannel with a burnt orange chalk stripe suit was awesome, like with many of the fabrics his suits are made in I have never seen that combination before and I loved it.  … Continue reading

Some Things Are Best When There Is Only One

Few things in menswear are better than Nantucket Reds and embroidery.  When the two are combined the synergy is almost unbeatable.  While on The Promised Land this summer my Mom and I (Mom took the lead on this one actually) decided to have a pair of custom embroidered Reds  made for Dad for his birthday.  The idea was akin to a vanity belt (which if you know what one is, good.  If you don’t, fear not for I will be discussing them sometime down the line), but in shorts form.  the process was quite simple, 15-20 designs were chosen to … Continue reading

Shirting: The Cuffs

Different elements of a dress shirt carry different weights in deciding the style and formality of the shirt.  In order to properly understand dress shirts one must know how these different elements have an effect on the shirt as a whole.  We will first discuss the cuffs of a shirt, as they are the principle decider of the formality of a shirt.   Single cuffs are the most formal, and should be reserved solely for formal wear (ie white tie, NOT black tie as black tie is only semi-formal), they are characterized by a single cuff closed by cufflinks (basically like … Continue reading

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 5

Before I begin, I apologize for the lateness of this post, was a busy week and just ahd time to view this weeks episode.   Anyway.  Only one outfit needs discussion this week (but the charcoal grey flannel 3 piece with a lavender chalk stripe was amazing).  That of Nucky’s golfing attire.  He sported a blue button up shirt with French cuffs underneath a multi-patterned brown cardigan vest.  Never have I seen a vest like this before.  But really the part I loved most about the outfit were the knickerbockers, they reminded me of one of my favorite childhood golfers, Payne … Continue reading

A Bearable Season

There are a select few things that make the fall and winter seasons bearable to me.  Among them are pumpkin pie, cashmere, skiing/snowboarding, fall foliage and the fact that it is black tie season.  For now I shall reflect on the last of these. Tomorrow will be the first black tie event of the season for me and I am quite excited.  I am to retrieve my Blackwatch tartan tuxedo (dinner jacket for you Anglophiles) back from the tailor tomorrow just in time for the event.  More so than any other jacket a man’s dinner jacket should be of the … Continue reading

Edward Green Trunk Show At Leffot

Leffot (10 Christopher st, NYC) is again hosting one of the finest shoe makers in the world, this time Edward Green.  The trunk show takes place tomorrow, Thursday October 27th 11am-7pm.  If your looking for a worthwhile detour this should be atop your list for tomorrow. Even if you are not in the market for an extremely expensive pair of shoes, the craftsmanship and beauty of the shoes are alone worth a trip. … Continue reading

FYG Via Business Insider

I was recently asked by Business Insider to contribute a list of accessories that I thought a man on Wall Street should have.  I obliged and sent a list of things I thought a man should have, but also a few things he shouldn’t have.  Unsurprisingly, at the top of my list of things to have was my favorite mens accessory, the pocket square.  Two disclaimers.  First, I do not work on Wall Street, only close to it.  Second, all of the items that I am quoted on I suggested, the ones I am not quoted on I did not … Continue reading