Buck The Rain, Care For Your Shoes

Perhaps you are wondering why my shoes are on the floor of my cubicle stuffed with paper towels, perhaps you are not.  Either way, it may be in your best interest to pay attention because one day you may run into the same problem I did.  Anyway, the reason being is that I was stuck out in the rain for an exorbitant amount of time yesterday and needless to say it was not a light rain here in New York.  True, I was wearing my galoshes, but they are not suited to deal with that much rain over that long … Continue reading

A Reflection On Supreme…

Over the past few days Business Of Fashion has put out two great articles on Supreme, the legendary New York City skateboard shop.  The articles give a brief history of the store but more importantly talk about the store’s legacy of both past and present.  And mind you, insights into Supreme don’t often happen like this, the company is well known for keeping its house quiet.  It really is worth the read if you’ve ever heard of the brand, and perhaps even if you have not. Supreme Part I Supreme Part II So, you may wonder what Supreme has to … Continue reading

The Royals On Black Tie…

A few nights back everyone’s favorite royal couple attended the War Horse premiere in London.  Sadly, I was not invited…  Luckily, a few good pictures surfaced of the event.  It goes without saying, but Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) looked rather stunning, as per usual.  But this is not to slight the well dressed Prince William (Duke of Cambridge).  So, in case you were ever wondering how a prince does black tie here you are. This Prince dons a double breasted dinner jacket with some well polished black oxfords.  Of concern is that he is showing no shirt cuff, and … Continue reading

Made To Measure Suits: Indochino Review, I

Back in the day it would take weeks and a series of physical visits to a tailor (and not to mention a sizeable sum) to get a bespoke suit, which is still the case.  But luckily modern technology and consumer demand have been what I believe to be the driving forces behind the burgeoning made to measure suit industry.  Everyone from Women’s Wear Daily to style bloggers like myself have touched on the fact that MTM is growing and hopefully here to stay.  Indochino is one of the companies leading the charge.  Unlike the other companies I will be discussing … Continue reading

Things I Wear VII

I am again down in Southwest Florida and this time the weather is perfect, 75 and nothing but sun.  Given that I won’t be experiencing such weather for a few months I thought it wise to indulge in pastels, which are my favorite colors in the color spectrum.  I think it helped, I had one of my better rounds.  Of particular note is the Smathers & Branson belt.  Smathers & Branson make the best needlepoint belts available (after of course the ones your mom, girlfriend or other female will stitch for you).  Aside from their own designs they also make … Continue reading

Some Thoughts On Boat Shoes…

I love my Top-Siders, all four pairs of them.  These are my go-tos when for pretty much any time I leave my apartment in casual dress.  They have nearly seen their day, the soles are parting with the upper and some of the leather is wearing.  But they have been through a lot – the streets and bars of New York City, college bars, a 10,000 mile road trip, Nantucket and the Far Hills Hunt to name a few things.  After time the laces just don’t stay tied like they used to, so I cut them off and am left … Continue reading

Sale Alert: Indochino

Indochino just announced a 15% off sale for all of their custom suits that goes until January 22nd.  Free shipping will go until February 1st.  If you are in the market for a new suit I recommend you take a look (unlike Alton Lane, they do have the option for proper button holes on their lapels)  Just don’t forget to enter ‘dragon’ as the coupon code.  If you want more information on Indochino’s suits check Google, AskAndy, Styleforum or you could just wait for my upcoming posts on the brand in the next few days. … Continue reading

Made To Measure Suits, Alton Lane Review, I

Nestled into a second story office space is Alton Lane, another name on New York City’s quickly expanding list of made to measure suit shops.  Well, technically they classify themselves as a ‘custom’ suit maker because they do not take existing patterns and alter them (which is MTM, like My.Suit) but create an individual pattern for each person.  They say this should give a better fit, but we shall see.  The shop has a nice set up, couches, a small bar (mostly whiskey, naturally) and a few big chairs; a very masculine feel.  I believe Alton Lane is trying to … Continue reading

A Brief Reflection On 2011…

A good year it was indeed, an interesting one as well.  I don’t think many people took me seriously when I said I was going to start a blog on men’s dress, yeah, well, 185 posts later here we are.  I put up the first post on April 4th and things kinda just went from there.  Over the year I’ve learned a few things, and I hope you all have as well.  It has been a pleasure.  I would like to thank all of you for reading and commenting. I hope that going forward I will continue to write and … Continue reading