Tweed: Look Closer

mens tweed jacket

I was in a particularly long church service yesterday and as good as some of what I heard was, my mind did tend to drift elsewhere.  Much of the time I was drifting I spent looking into the fabric of the tweed jacket I was wearing.  It was the first time I had the opportunity to wear the jacket (I thrifted it down in Florida last spring and finally got it tailored this fall).  The tweed of this particular jacket happened to be a Harris Tweed, which we need not get into all the various types of tweed now but … Continue reading

Merry Christmas


I would like to wish all of you a merry Christmas.  This has been a great Christmas season for the blog and I hope all of you have enjoyed. Among other traditions my family has every Christmas season, one of my favorites is to put up lights on the outside of the house.  This was the first year we put them on the roof (usually they are only on the shrubbery) and I am quite happy with the result.  It was a fun few hours up on the roof with the staple gun and a few hundred feet of Christmas … Continue reading

Industry Portage Tote Bag Review

Industry Portage tote bag

Shortly after my write up on Cool Materials went live I received an email from RJ Diaz, the man behind Industry Portage; a company that I had never heard of until then.  So I did my usual dissection of the brand’s website and to be honest, I was quite mixed on what I saw.  Some of the items I did not care for, and others were a little outside my normal style, but in the good type of way.  So I obliged RJ’s request to review one of his products. Eventually, RJ and I connected by phone, which I like … Continue reading

Branded Clothing: A Case Against

why to not wear logos

As of late, there seems to be a movement away from branded apparel and accessories.  I believe this holds true for both luxury and non luxury apparel and goods.  And frankly, few things could make me happier.  As a high school and college student I could often be caught in a polo or button up/down shirt with some type of horse, whale or other debatably obnoxious logo on the left side of the chest.  But thankfully those days have long since past. Toward the end of my college days I made a conscious effort to not purchase clothing with any … Continue reading

The FYGblog Christmas Gift List

Perhaps too late for some of you, too early for others and then unnecessary for the rest of you.  But regardless, I feel obligated to cull together a Christmas list for all of you looking to better either yours or someone else’s wardrobe.  Some of these products you may be already familiar with if you’ve been reading this blog for a while and other things may be new to you (and also being mentioned on the blog).  So without further delay… – J. Fitzpatrick – Shoes.  Any of them would be a nice addition to any man’s wardrobe, however, I … Continue reading

The Fort Belvedere Review

fort belvedere menswear review

It was over a year ago that I first spoke to Sven Raphael Schneider of Gentleman’s Gazette about his plan to launch his own menswear brand.  I remember walking around my office in circles while chatting on the phone with him, it was a great way to procrastinate doing my actual work, which at the time was accounting and auditing.  Once we got off the phone I knew it would be a while before he launched, but I was already excited.  I knew Raphael was not just talking to talk, he was serious.  And I knew that whatever it was … Continue reading

Things I Wear: Fur & Tweed (With A Dash Of Cable Knit)

wool cableknit hat johnstons of elgin

One of the best ways to define the seasonality of any given ensemble is through accessories.  In short, it typically holds true that lighter things for spring and summer and heavier things for fall and winter.  That has been particularly true as of late given the unsavory weather we have had here in the Northeast. We all know that tweed is an ideal cold weather fabric for jackets and suits.  But what to pair with it?  I feel that sometimes this is where many a man strays.  Oxford, twill and corduroy are natural partners for shirts and pants.  Flannel for … Continue reading

The Best Men’s Shoe Store In Philadelphia?

best mens shoe store in philadelphia

Philadelphia has a lot of things.  More than most cities for sure.  However, there are still some things that our beloved city does not have.  And until recently, Philadelphia did not have a men’s shoe store worthy of mention. Yes, there is Allen Edmonds, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and Boyds in center city; as well as a few stores that call themselves ‘shoe stores,’ but the latter have taste levels so low it makes me embarrassed to say they actually do business in Philadelphia. What I am talking about is a real shoe store, a proper ’boutique’ if you will.  … Continue reading

How To Tell If Shoes Fit

how to tell if a shoe fits

As a logical follow up to my mention the other day of a piece I wrote for Business Insider on shoe brands under $350 I would like to talk about how to tell if your shoes fit you properly.  Which, to be honest, is not much different for men than it is for women.  Additioanlly, keep in mind these bits of advice are equally applicable for shoes costing less than $350 as they are for those well over $350. As I am sure we all know, wearing shoes that don’t fit well or that are uncomfortable can ruin a day.  … Continue reading

FYGblog Via Business Insider and Corporette

As regular readers will know, I sometimes will write over at Business Insider.  Last week I wrote a piece for them on shoe brands under $350.  Some of the brands you will recognize from the pages here (Septieme Largeur, Meermin, Jack Erwin, Paul Evans), and others you may have never heard of.  But hopefully I will be able to review some of those brands in the near future.  Funny enough, the piece is somewhat of a rebuttal to a previous article on buying men’s shoes by another BI staffer that I did not approve of.  Who would’ve thought, me objecting … Continue reading