How To Dress For a Funeral

what to wear to a funeral for men

What should a man wear to a funeral?  Easy, keep it simple stupid.  Is a phrase that works for so many things, including how to dress for a funeral or memorial.  Fortunately, I think that attending funerals is something that many of us do not have to do often.  But nonetheless it is unfortunate when it does have to happen, when it does happen a man should dress appropriately. I realize may vary between religions and cultures, so for the purposes of this article I feel only comfortable opining on what is appropriate for funerals of the Christian faith.  Although … Continue reading

The Best Custom Shirts In NYC?

best custom shirts in nyc

The best custom shirts in NYC?  That’s an aggressive question to answer as well as a bold implication.  I cannot say that the shirts that The Sock Hop makes out of its small Nolita store (I don’t think anyone truly knows the borders of the neighborhoods down there) are the best in NYC they are certainly some of the best.  I can say, however, that the shirt they made for me is certainly one of the nicest shirts I own and the nicest shirt that I have had made by a brand in NYC.  In fact, it may perhaps be … Continue reading

Obsession: Ski Socks

mens ski socks

I have numerous obsessions and addictions in my life.  Men’s style being an obvious one to all of you.  And as you can imagine, within mens style there are many items that would quality as their own obsessions; if you’ve been reading my ranting for a while you can probably guess what some of them are.  But one that I have not expounded upon in the past is my obsession with ski socks. I’m not really sure when I started wearing ski socks with casual clothing, I think sometime soon after I started skiing and snowboarding which I started when … Continue reading

The Velasca Shoe Review

velasca shoe review

I was approached a few months back by the good people at Velasca because they were interested in a Velasca shoe review appearing on this here blog.  At the time, I had only recently heard of the brand, and I had never seen the shoes in person before.  Which I now know is because they do not have a physical presence here in the US.  Furthermore, they are also a young brand and do not have much presence on social media and other blogs.  So as we all know by now, I love reviewing and talking about new brands; so … Continue reading

MRket NYC, Jan 2014

mrket nyc

Of the shows that I went to this season MRket is the one that has to most crossover with my style.  It is also the one that I have spent the most time at in the past so it is always nice to see familiar faces and brands; which can make for a hectic yet fun day.  That said, below you’ll see some brands that I’ve discussed here before and others that I have not.  Hope you enjoy both, just keep in mind that most of what you see is for fall and winter of next year so you’ll have … Continue reading

Liberty Fair, Jan 2014

liberty fair nyc

Another show worthy of discussion is Liberty Fairs.  Liberty is quite new, I think this was only its second season, so the fact that it is of such size is surprising to me.  The feel at Liberty is somewhat similar to Project, although more workweary, if that makes any sense.  So much like Project, much of what is at Liberty is not really my style I still find a lot of what I see very interesting.  And some of it I do quite like.  So as per usual I scanned the aisles and took some photos of things that I … Continue reading

How To Wear Gray Shoes

how to wear gray shoes men

First off, let’s agree on the fact that it is okay for men to wear gray dress shoes.  I realize that it is not acceptable in all settings.  I think I’ve only seen another guy wear them once or twice in the wild.  But just because something is not done often, does not mean that it is not okay.  And in fact, the absence of gray dress shoes is likely the most legitimate and substantial argument against them.  So like just about anything, you have to be comfortable wearing gray shoes and you have to know whether it is appropriate … Continue reading

They Wore What To The Grammys?!


As expected our beloved musicians turned out in all forms of dress for this years Grammys.  And as expected, most of them looked like fools.  Although I did not watch the show, I did watch many of the performances on Youtube and am really impressed.  There was some amazing talent and creativity on display.  Macklemore’s Same Love being my favorite, one of the best performances I have ever seen.  But back to the men’s style of the night… -JLJ   Photo credit: GQ (via WireImage), E!, Hollywood Reporter, Today, Perez … Continue reading

Project Show NYC, Jan 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.07.44 PM

This seasons (well, actually its for FW/2015) Project NYC show had a good showing.  Admittedly, much of what is shown at the show is not my style, but I still really enjoy attending the show and seeing what some brands are churning out these days.  So as I perused the aisles of the show I picked out a few items that caught my attention. David Hart NYC I had never heard of David Hart NYC before, as was the case with many of the brands at Project.  What drew me to the booth was the tweed herringbone coat with wool … Continue reading

The Black Lapel Suit Review, 2.0

Black Lapel custom suit review

It has been a year and a half since I first reviewed Black Lapel.  Which in terms of the online made to measure suiting industry, which is still in its infancy, is a very long time.  There has been a steady influx of new players and the steady growth of old players; Black Lapel belongs in the latter category in case you were wondering.  The prices (at Black Lapel and elsewhere) have pretty much stayed constant but the expectations of consumers have gone up; reasonably so.  Fortunately, the level of quality of fabrics, construction, fit and customer service has also … Continue reading