Helping Dad Dress Better


With increasing frequency I receive questions from friends, family and readers on various matters of men’s dress.  Recently, I received a rather interesting one from a reader who is trying to help his father revamp his wardrobe after a serious weight loss.  I think this is the first question along these lines so I think it could be nice to share the exchange.  Although, to be honest, whether is be dad or son revamping his wardrobe I think the process is about the same.  Figure out what your inspiration is, what works for you and where you can get it … Continue reading

The J. Fitzpatrick Shoe Review

j fitzpatrick wedgewood boots

Justin Fitzpatrick’s story is a rather unlikely one.  Some could argue a bit absurd and or drawn out; but that would be a significant disservice to Justin.  As he years ago set out to do one thing and everything he has done since setting that goal has been about reaching his goal and fulfilling his dream, which was to start his own shoe brand.  Fortunately, after a few years of research, planning and working in the industry Justin launched his own brand, J. Fitzpatrick Footwear, in March of 2013. The steps he took between setting the goal and achieving it … Continue reading

What Shoes To Wear With A Tuxedo

what shoes to wear with a tuxedo

This past weekend I attended a dear friend’s wedding.  The dress code was black tie, no complaints from me there.  There was a raw bar at the cocktail hour, certainly no complaints there either. Anyway, leading up to the wedding I received numerous inquiries from friends regarding what type of shoes they should wear with their tuxedos.  They asked about everything from ‘that shiny leather’ (also known as patent leather) to velvet slippers.  So the question arises, what type of shoes should a man wear with his tuxedo?  Fortunately for us men, black tie has some flexibility in what is … Continue reading

The Best Shoe Shine In Philadelphia: FYGblog X ToBox

best shoe shine in philadelphia

Previously I have spoken about ToBox, a new men’s shoe store in Philadelphia (25 South 19th st, between Chestnut and Market).  It also happens to be the best shoe store in the city (and dare I say state), specializing in unique and well regarded brands such as Carmina, Yanko, Rider Boot, La Cordonnerie Anglaise, Scarpe di Bianco and John Lobb.  ToBox rounds out its collection with more moderately priced brands like Swims, Moretti and Cole Haan.  Effectively, ToBox is to Philadelphia as Leffot is to New York City, which is meant as nothing but praise. Anyway, Tung, the proprietor of … Continue reading

2014 Met Gala Red Carpet Men’s Style

hamish bowles met gala 2014

White tie with decorations is a very specific dress code.  Also known as full evening dress with decorations.  For men, it is perhaps the most specific dress code there is.  It is certainly the most formal, at least as far as I know of in the civilian world (the equivalent in the military would be the dress uniform).  And likely the least common.  I only know of two events in Philadelphia that require such dress. I am sure the number is far greater in New York, one such event this year was the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala … Continue reading

How Formal Is My Suit: The Fabric

dragon inside suit review

In the first part in this series I opined on the how the various details of a suit can help dictate said suits formality.  But the details (such as different types of pockets and lapels) are by no means the end of the story in determining how formal any given suit is.  Another, and perhaps more important factor is the fabric of the suit.  “But a suit is a suit not matter what fabric it is made of” you may say.  But no.  Far from correct that view is.  Even with the continual blurring of the lines between business and … Continue reading

How Formal Is My Suit: The Details

how formal is a suit

One of the most common things I get asked about is the formality of suits.  Both how formal a given suit is as well as how formal is it appropriate to make a certain suit.  And then on the other hand, how to make a suit less formal and how appropriate is a less formal suit for any given situation.  To help some of you guys I think it may be wise to review some of the more prominent details of suits, as well as the ones that have the most influence on the formality of a jacket.  Which, coincidentally … Continue reading

Matthew Aperry Custom Coat Review

matthew aperry custom jacket review

I was again asked by Louis at Matthew Aperry to do a review of their garments.  If you will remember, the first time I wrote about a linen suit, which I concluded that although not great; was a good value for the money.  As a refresher on the brand, Matthew Aperry is a smaller and newer brand out of Hong Kong that strives to deliver custom suits at a very low price; the lowest I have reviewed to date at $199-299. Their website could use a good overhaul, so try not to judge them too hard on that. This time … Continue reading

Thank You To Our Sponsors


Every now and then I find it prudent to specifically highlight those brands that support this blog on a consistent basis.  You can find them on the right sidebar.  They represent brands that I have personal experience with and that I think very highly of.  But not just the brands and their products but the people behind them.  They are also brands that, if I did not receive items for review and sponsorship I would (and have in the past) spend my own money on the brands’ goods.  That said, I feel comfortable recommending each of the brands to you.  … Continue reading

What To Wear To A Baseball Game


As far back as I can remember I have always loved playing sports.  Watching them, whether it be on TV or in person has always been a different story; but I won’t bore you with the details.  If I am going to a game I am also not much one to wear a jersey. Aside from the fact that I don’t really think the jerseys do much to flatter me, I can list about 100 things that would be a better investment of your money when it comes to your wardrobe.  More simply put, jerseys are just not my style.  … Continue reading