Shoes: Edward Green Trunk Show At Leffot

Shoes: Edward Green Trunk Show At Leffot


edward green shoes

Few ready to wear shoe companies are as revered as Edward Green.  And for good reason, for both the style and quality of the shoes are excellent.  Anyway, the good people at Edward Green had a trunk show at Leffot last Friday (nov 30) where they had many of their models on display.  They were also taking orders for made to order shoes.  the ready to wear models start just over $1,000, and the made to order can run considerably higher.  But the emphasis should be on the shoes, not my words, so enjoy.



edward green trunk show

edward green blue suede shoe



edward green salesman

edward green monkstrap


spectator shoes

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Note: FYGblog did not receive any compensation from either Leffot or Alfred Sargent in the production of this post.


  1. Great looking shoes Justin. Are you saying that Edward Green is made by Alfred Sargent? What do you think makes the Edward Green shoes so special given that for the price point I could buy 2 pairs of Church’s and still have enough change for lunch. Regards, Geoff.

    • Geoff,
      Sorry for the confusion there, had a minor lapse of good writing and used the wrong name. Good point, they are very very expensive. Obviously, part of that difference in cost from Church’s is the quality of raw materials, the leather is certainly better. Then you have the amount of hand work and labor that goes into them which is, I would imagine, a good deal more than most Church’s shoes. The quality control and finishing is also better. So the main argument is quality. They are also a different aesthetic, and cleaner and sharper than Church’s, in my opinion; so there is that as well. But like all things luxury, there is the marginal cost/marginal benefit debate ie marginal returns. If I had the money, I would buy EG, but sadly, I do not, at least not yet…

  2. I’m certain there’s been a misunderstanding. The text says Alfred Sargent but its supposed to say Edward Green.