Black Friday: Indochino Sale

indochino sale

Every brand and store in America is having a sale for Black Friday, at least as far as I know.  I bet even the fruit stands on the corners will offer discounts, maybe even firesale prices…  Anyway, our friends at Indochino are throwing their hat in the ring and are offering 30% off orders over $700.  Recently, Indochino was in town for its traveling tailor series, I picked up a Vincero gray suit (full disclosure: it was provided for review), and the review is in process.  However, I should state that the quality of construction has increased since my original review of Indochino.  The fit of this suit is also far better.  Anyway, if you’re in the market, may I suggest you browse the offerings.

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Black Friday: Indochino Sale — 4 Comments

  1. I’m going to purchase the essential gray suit and the prince of wales brown suit. I’m a bigger guy with a big head will these suits make my body look skinny and my head look bigger?

    • David,
      Not necessarily. If the shoulders are too small, that would be the biggest factor in making your head look bigger; I believe. So just make sure the shoulder measurement you give Indochino is accurate. So basically, I would say that the ball is in your court on that. The other thing I would advise is to opt for the widest lapel option; if memory serves me they have a few. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

      • JLJ,
        So I went with a Essential Gray suit with standard safe options. I now want something different for my 2nd suit. What do you think about the brown Prince of Wales suit in the double breasted version? Is it ok to go with no belt loops and tabs with brace buttons on that? Thank you

        • David,
          I’m a big fan of PoW/Glen Plaids in double breasted form, nice taste. I would encourage you to go w no belt loops and get side tabs and buttons for braces. It is a much better look. Look to Paul Stuart, Albert Thurston and Trafalgar for your braces – they are the best spots I know of. I also have some for sale.

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