On Correct Tie Length

On Correct Tie Length

correct mens tie length

On a list of things most often done wrong in tailored menswear, wearing a tie at an incorrect length would likely rank in the top 3.  Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.  Just as easily as a man can wear his tie at an incorrect length, he can also wear it at a correct length.  So, ‘how long should I wear my tie?’ you may ask.  Ideally, the tip of your tie should end in the middle of your belt buckle or waistband.  For flat end ties, such as knit ties, it is best to have the tie end at the top part of your waistband.

When a tie is worn at the proper length it helps balance out your legs and torso, wearing a tie at an incorrect length can throw the balance of the ensemble off.  When worn too long it can make the whole look look frumpy and sloppy.  When worn too short the look can look clownish.

Keep in mind, you want to have the right length when you are standing at your normal posture.  Not the super upright and straight backed posture you may use when checking yourself out in the mirror (it’s okay, we all do it, I’m guilty of doing it sometimes); but the posture you normally walk and stand with.  Another thing to keep in mind is that the type of tie knot and width of the tie do not matter, the tie length should still remain the same.  Which is to say that the tip of the tie should end near the middle of your belt buckle or waistband.  Your height and weight also matter little, wherever the middle of your waistband is, is the proper place for your tie to end.

Given the correct length of the tie depends on the height of the waist of your pants the actual length you wear your tie may very.  You will not always have your tie the same length.  In short, the correct length to wear your tie is relative to your waistband.

Above you will see what is hopefully a helpful graphic that I put together.  I hope it helps explain and show the correct tie length in an easy to understand manner.  What length do you wear your tie?  Can you make a case for a shorter or longer tie?




  1. A gentleman does not expose his belt buckle; hence, the tip of his tie is always a bit lower than the bottom of his belt buckle.

  2. I thought I had seen you suggest previously that a tie should be no longer than one inch below the belt (which looks like your “too long” example), but I can’t find it right now. At any rate, a tie shouldn’t be worn without a jacket, so when standing, the buttoned jacket will hide a tie that is slightly short or long, and when sitting, the alignment changes, so a slightly long or short tie won’t be noticed. Retying a tie to make a half inch adjustment in length seems like a waste of effort to me. It seems to be a lot like matching your underwear to your outfit; you know you’re totally put together, but no one else can tell. I’d agree completely if your bad examples were a bit more extreme, perhaps another inch either way.

  3. What do you think about the tucked in tie look? I kind of dig it, and occasionally when I tie mine too long that’s how I rock it.

  4. To Anglo 406, I think you are mistaken in your interpretation of the rule. While a belt buckle should generally not be exposed, this has to do more with the tailoring of the suit so as to not show the belt buckle and waistband than with covering up the buckle with tie. The cut should be such that, even with a bow tie/no tie, the buckle and waistband would not be exposed when the jacket is buttoned.

  5. I think this also varies with how high Your trousers are fitted. With a high waist band one can and should wear the tie longer than the waist band. Of course, given current fashion, if you have high fitting trousers they are most likely bespoke and thus you wouldnt wear a belt anyway. See for example Michael Brown of Chittleborough and Morgan here: http://therake.com/michael-browne-chittleborough-morgan-tailor/

  6. Has anyone noticed that Politicians (at least this season) are wearing their ties well below their belt lines. Is this a republican party style, or a generic political style? It looks terrible to me.

    • I so agree. Trump looks Very dumpy. Who is hare his public relations advisers? Perhaps he should button his jacket. By the way I don’t particularly like the way his suits in general fit him.;- ( I love all of this attention on men’s attire. It is about time!

  7. I’ve always felt, and I’m not sure why, that the proper length to wear a tie as illustrated in the Just Right example. Perhaps, because I thought wearing it longer or shorter look gave the impression that the wearer was either wearing someone else’s tie, or wasn’t paying attention. Also, some belt buckles are designed to be seen. Then, I noticed how long Donald Trump wore his tie and I figured he was overcompensating for something, he was promoting his line of ties and/or his ego was screaming for more attention.. but now.. I’m seeing world leaders from around the world, including our president, wearing their ties way beyond the Too Long example above.. what gives?!!

  8. With all mr. Trumps money why does he not have a professional groomer? He looks like he needs hair work and ties tied to correct length all the time. Sorry mr Trump if you become our next president please forgive me.

  9. Well, if we were to go with the time honored tradition of tie wearing, leaving all trends to the wayside, I would have to use the military definition of proper tie length. That would mean to wear your tie in exactly the way the contributor. The triangle forming the point of the tie (or where a point should be on a flat-ended tie) should cover touch some part of the belt buckle. And, it should be in line with both the shirt buttons and the trouser fly (which should both be in line). That gives you about a two inch target for which to shoot. Aim center mass.

  10. Gents,
    It’s always important that your tie fit correctly.
    For a shorter guy it’s usually difficult to achieve a good fit since most ties are 58 inches and thus too damn long for anyone shorter than 5’8″. For many of us short guys our ties go well beyond our belt line.
    Our team at https://shorterties.com/ has designed ties specifically for shorter guys, so you too can achieve a perfect fit.

    • Utilizing a full Windsor knot might shorten the tie enough for gentlemen in the mid five foot and lower heights. Use the appropriate collar, (suggest a wide spread).

    • If the tie is too long, and the narrow end hangs below the wide end, tuck the narrow end into your shirt between the collar button and the 2nd button. It will be out of sight and hidden behind the wider end.

      Also, regarding Trump’s tie length, I noticed that several years ago when Apprentice first started. I don’t care for the look, but he’s consistent.

    • I realize you are trying to sell a product, so you might not welcome my reply. But, the tie length issue is a problem for men not much larger. I am not quite 6′ and I have a 17.5″ neck. The question is not if a tie is too short, but how much too short. Yes, I can hide the too short tail, but it requires creativity for every tie.

  11. If the tie is too long, and the narrow end hangs below the wide end, tuck the narrow end into your shirt between the collar button and the 2nd button. It will be out of sight and hidden behind the wider end.

    Also, regarding Trump’s tie length, I noticed that several years ago when Apprentice first started. I don’t care for the look, but he’s consistent.

  12. Oh, dear Spaghetti Monster in Noodle Heaven! Look at this discussion! This is just another good reason to not wear a textile penis subsitute on one’s chest. Life is too short for this.

  13. yeah. mr. trump although he wears 5000 to 10000 dollars brioni suits, looks terrible. someone mentioned he never buttons up the jacket. because he probably can’t. lol. the whale is huge. not to mention 7 inch wide red ties that he always rock. disaster. but it is the congressman style i suppose…

  14. This discussion was carried on this morning on a news tv program. My husband told me that men in the public wear long ties so that when they sit their crotch area is covered. It’s considered to be good manners.

  15. The finest young gentleman, of course, does not wear a belt, his tailored trousers fitting just perfectly, thank you.