Things I Wear, XV

For some reason the idea of power suiting has caught my attention this week.  Something along the lines of Gordon Gekko, Chuck Bass and that D-list celebrity who’s name I’ve heard but don’t remember; I think he’s married to some other D-list celeb whom I have minimal tolerance for.  The peak lapels of the jacket add a bit of formality and the white cuffs/collar on a blue, pink and white striped shirt really take things up a level.  However, dare I get too formal so I decided to go sockless with the loafers; a bit of a contrast in formality … Continue reading

Questions From The Readers, III

Question: I had a question which I hope you reply to.  While wearing a trouser with loops and a belt, can suspenders be worn along with the same? Response: I am of the belief that if one is wearing trousers with belt loops and a belt that suspenders should not be worn as well.  It would just be a bit too much, both in terms of look and function.  But, I have often seen gentlemen wear suspenders with trousers that do have belt loops but fore go wearing a belt.  Although I am not a fan of this look I … Continue reading

Things I Wear, X

Keeping with the weather of the mid part of this week I opted for what I think to be a more spring look.  I was also testing out my Indochino suit upon getting it back from the tailor, I am pretty happy with it, the only real issue if my fault.  That being the shoulders are ever so slightly too wide.  But we’ll discuss that another time, in the final post in the Indochino series.  Anyway, it was also the debut of the ‘Fuck You’ tie from Chipp 2 (the tie actually says ‘fuck you’).  For the record, I did … Continue reading

On Suspenders…

I am a big fan of suspenders (referred to as braces in the UK).  Not only for their functional value, but also for platform they provide for a man to express his style.  However, suspenders are not so common these days and wearing them comes at a risk, especially for us younger guys.  For the perception of a young man wearing them is not always positive.  But, as an argument in favor I offer the following  words from a great book by Nicholas Antongiavanni called The Suit, “There has never been, then,  a well-dressed man who has not worn suspenders; … Continue reading