Things I Wear, XIV

I just couldn’t bring myself to wear ‘business casual’ yesterday, so I opted for something a little more expressive and interesting.  For some reason I was determined to wear my Stubbs & Wootton Solunas so I based the whole outfit around those.  They are black velvet with a sun on the right foot and moon and stars on the left.  A black belt is needed but the buckle could go either silver or gold.  Once I decided to throw on a blazer gold was the only option.  I wanted to keep things simple on top so I opted for a … Continue reading

Style At The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic


It was all there; those who dressed well, those who dressed really well, those who tried to dress well and those who did not dress well.  But a pleasure to see all, it certainly was.  As it was a pleasure to relax, talk and meet both friends of new and old.  The day was a grand one and luckily the weather was nearly flawless; as rain and clouds were predicted to ruin the day.  But admittedly, the polo match seemed to be an afterthought for some people there.  Predictably, the style on display was at the forefront of my mind… … Continue reading

At The Races…

There are events and then there are Events.  The Radnor Hunt Races are of the latter.  Somewhat akin to Foxfields and Far Hills Races (known to us NYC dwellers as ‘The Hunt’), except more intimate and local; the way many of us like it.  Preakness was nothing but an afterthought for many of us.  The day is one of racing, philanthropy, socializing, boozing, amazing attire from both male and female and general tomfoolery (thanks to Subaru for the hospitality).  Oh, and the weather was perfect.  In fact, the entire day was perfect. I would be remiss if I did not … Continue reading

Somethings Cannot Be Bought But Only Made: Custom Lilly Pulitzer Vest, Part I.

Depending on what side of the fence you sit on you will either love or hate the vest I am wearing in the above picture.  Obviously I am firmly rooted on the ‘love’ side of said fence; there is just no other way to live.  Plus, I hear the other side of the fence is rather rocky, no good place to root oneself.  Anyway, the vest is a gift from a family friend who has been a secondary mother figure of sorts for me since I was two.  But this is not just for no occasion, it is to commemorate … Continue reading

An Ode To My Favorite Polo Shirt

A few years back Lilly Pulitzer brought these badass long sleeve polos to the market.  The mens line was prematurely cut short, much to my dismay (maybe they’ll try again, third times a charm, right?).  I voiced my grievances to the powers that be at the legendary prep powerhouse but it was to no avail.  Luckily I acquired a sizeable stash of pocket squares, jackets, bathing suits and polo shirts before things came to an end.  Among my favorite pieces from the few seasons the collection lasted were these long sleeve polo shirts.  What sets them apart are their barrel … Continue reading